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    Tense scenes erupt as bishop and churchgoers allegedly stabbed during church service

    This preacher has been putting out a lot of 'hate' talk about a lot of religions - he called the Anglican church 'sons of a snake' in one of his Youtube videos. It is inevitable that someone out there would get mad enough to do the unthinkable. He has been insulting and highly critical, which of...
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    Hidden sign stumps motorist for $300!

    He would win if he took it to court.
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    Woolworths’ decision on iconic ANZAC Day tradition leaves veterans outraged: ‘It’s common courtesy’

    ANZAC day reminds us "Lest We Forget" and that's the whole point, not to glorify war, but to remember that war is not good and that we should remember the consequences. This is the least we can do. My father served in RAAF in live action during WW2. So many of his mates never survived. So now...
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    Outrage sparks as caravan reforms roll out Down Under

    This is really poor timing. Up in Noosa, apparently the council cracked down on a woman who had a rural property and had allowed a number of caravans the right to live as long as they needed, mostly single mums with kids - to give them a chance in life - I would imagine. Noosa council insisted...
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    Word Pairs

    Chicken bones
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    Why South Korea is banning the sale of dog meat

    I was watching a Youtube channel -- a young woman in Asia named Ann who builds everything herself, her home, a small bridge across her creek etc. She always has cute pups and kittens around her, which people loved of course. Then it became obvious to me that she was 'farming' dogs and cats for...
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    Woman's shocking act in an op shop changing room disgusts others

    She must be in a bad mental space to do this, I hope she gets the help she needs.
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    Shocking discovery in Woolworths milk fridge leaves customers appalled

    I had a home delivery from a Woolworths Partner uber driver and my groceries all stunk of cigarette smoke... great not.
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    Outrage at BIG W! Shoppers find new children's toys 'shockingly inappropriate'

    I don't understand how you explain to a little child the loss of limbs? Was it a psychotic monster with an axe? Was the leg dipped into a wood chipper? Was it run over or randomly hacked after a night on the booze? I can't see how that's inspiring the next generation? I don't think you'd find it...
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    Emma Sleep's Spring Sale: Keep Cool and Save Up to 50%

    We bought an Emma mattress and it took 2 weeks for it to degas all the chemical smells. I personally struggle with it as I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and trying to roll over is tough. With a spring mattress you have the push back to help you roll, the Emma feels like quick sand. I'm saving to get...
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    See why this 'foul' Woolworths delivery has shoppers up in arms

    LOTS OF ISSUES... I have used Woolies home delivery since Covid, but recently they have started using Partner Drivers, so any random Uber driver. We have instructions that our door bell must be rung. It has stopped happening and I've rung Woolies about it and they say they'll fix the problem...
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    Avoid this costly mistake! Mum loses $300 to domestic cleaner scam

    We have our house cleaned once a month, it's a team of 3-4 ladies, they concentrate on what's hard for me like skirting boards, doors, bathrooms, windows, shutters etc, they do mop and vacuum too. They are in and out in half the time. The price is set UP FRONT - always always never be...
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    Outrage at BIG W! Shoppers find new children's toys 'shockingly inappropriate'

    I don't think anyone read the bit about it being on the shelves early for 'adults' for Halloween. Someone did say kids are exposed to everything these days and that is an understatement - I'm positive there are people out there who will buy them for their children.
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    Cases of fatal bacterial infection surge across Australia

    It is very important to note that the 500,000 per year that die - is a "WORLD WIDE" figure - this coverage makes it sound like it's Australia only.
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    Great News! Seniors can get a petrol discount at United Petroleum

    It's very easy to see where United Petrol stations are by doing a Google search. None near me though. Thanks for reporting this Seniors Discount Club - it's a good little forum for people to express their happiness or discontent.
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    Fair play or age discrimination? ‘Baby boomers’ are allegedly being unfairly excluded from Koala Mattress' year of free rent competition

    I actually thought they banned us because their beds are so uncomfortable and we would surely put it out there about that fact.
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    Kangaroo Valley this week

    Kangaroo Valley this week
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