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    Coles shopper sparks debate over seasonal strawberries pricing

    Guess what...there is no one standing there with a gun making you buy it!
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    Alert for collectors: Your valuables could be at risk with Australia Post – Man's rare coins lost!

    Australia Post generally offers a great service that fundamentally costs less since the introduction of various sizes of satchels. Don't be put off by random stories. If you have something valuable extra coverage can be provided. I have no hesitation using Australia Post.
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    Robert Irwin unveils bold new career move after shocking scam ordeal

    What do you reason but they like to put the guy down. Good on him and I can see him being a raging success. His dad was a much loved figure. Steve Irwin's passing in on par with that of Shane Warne in the "surely this can't be true" stakes. Robert Irwin is perfect to carry on the legacy.
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    Coles SMS scam

    What a coincidence you have the same number of points as I do...3022. So obviously a scam seeing the only genuine points are frequent flyer points...obviously someone trying to scam without even doing their basic research. I truly hope no one would be so gullible to fall for this,
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    Single mum shares messages of body positivity through Kmart dresses

    This post was so garbage-y it was rejected by facebook.
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    I was nearly caught

    This is not even a tricky screams scam....akin to the recorded message ..."you have just been charged $400 for an Amazon sale". Any unsolicited calls of any nature are 99.99% likel to be an attempted scam. If in any doubt go to the bank or call the financial institution ....the number...
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    Aussies are torn over this gardener’s green bin trick

    The council gladly provide extra green bins..I feel sorry for 800,000 people who have viewed the video.
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    ‘Absolutely disgusting’: Coles and Woolworths' checkout trend causes stir among shoppers

    Asa Benny Hill would say "what a lot of cobblers"..there are always attended checkouts and the shopper might have to wait five minutes...they then complain it takes ages to go through the self checkout. If they are so worried why not shop at less busy times and perhaps spread their shops out...
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    Rugby league legend Graham Eadie fights for his life with severe disease

    Get the headline correct sound like a damn American ...Rugby LEAGUE legend...Graham Eadie. He deserves the respect of being correctly described.
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    ‘Never had reduction like this’: Coles shopper bags $160 worth of groceries for $8!

    100%...pure luck. The fact that next day was a public holiday meant they did 2 days markdowns in one. Many stores are not as efficient at eliminating expiring stock.
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    Mum's unapple-ing ALDI discovery sparks debate!

    That is easy...half a worm!
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    Why and how often do I need to wash makeup brushes and sponges?

    The gal in the first picture has a terrible fungal growth over her arms.
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    Coles customer outraged over shocking checkout demand

    When will people realise that supermarkets are merely trying to cut down on theft. Do they have a guilty conscience? The hyperbole on this forum is beyond belief.
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    Self checkout!

    It is an anti theft measure. If it truly worries you ,,,just grin and bear it. The large items were "seemingly" being forgotten by many shoppers when checking out. Hard to believe but 30 pack coke and 24 pack waters number among the most stolen items.
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    Self checkout!

    Typical of the self indulgent drivel this so called "Seniors" site. It is the way it is...the same social media fiends would be complaining about the slowness of the girl scanning the goods in the check out lanes if they didn't use self checkout. If this is all these drips have to complain...
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    UK reveals truth behind viral rumours of King Charles' ‘death’

    Terrible to run with such a headline...but then again bombastic headlines...disgust.. furor etc tend to be overused words on headlines for this about a bit of honesty "no one with half a brain would really give a crap"
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    Coles gauging at the checkout

    Alan Kohler is perhaps the best finance man on tv news and recently pointed out that the profit supermarkets make is approximately 3% of revenue....less than interest paid into a savings account. Grocery shopping has become more expensive...yes but they are in the business of retail and their...
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    Experts reveal that viral seatbelt tip could endanger lives

    I have seen some idiotic things on a plane but this takes the cake. The fact that you say it is trending is slightly unnerving think more than one person would be so morose is frankly scary.
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    Cadbury's Easter bunny price hike is 'absolutely criminal' according to shoppers

    A classic example of hyperbole...gross exaggeration..."outrage" at the price of Cadbury's Easter bunnies. You say it yourselves...they are reduced for the next week. If they are too pricey just don't buy them. And please when claiming "outrage" have your spell check is "confectionEry"...
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