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    Riddle Riddle Masters 19.06.2024

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    Coles employee’s online deal ends in agony: ‘I can't afford to lose it’

    I have sold 2 cars via Facebook, but both times I've had my 30+ 6ft 2 son with me when someone has come to look. I would never do it on my own for this very reason.
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    Rice and mice: ALDI's shocking discovery leaves customers rattled!

    Aldi don't package the rice, the supplier does. You should complain to them!!
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    Hair-raising controversy: Aussie mum's ‘punishment’ sparks outrage on social media!

    Demeaning and ridiculing someone in public is not a punishment.
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    This mum makes drastic measures for her family despite earning $140,000: ‘We desperately needed to make a change’

    Poor thing, I feel sorry for you. When I worked full time as a single mother to 3, I earned $44000 a year. My kids grew up happy and balanced. I can only assume you value objects over family.
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    Australian government bans the use of credit cards for online gambling

    If you have to pay by using credit to gamble, you obviously should not be gambling.
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    Teenagers allegedly kick 86-year-old woman after breaking into her unit

    13, 14 and 16 years old!! If one of them were mine, I'd be asking the judge to lock him up to teach him manners. Disgraceful.
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    Homeless woman gets hit with a shocking council notice: 'It's so sad to see'

    Not all that different to shoving a caravan on a friend's land, it's a brilliant way to get a roof over your head cheaply. Give her a break!
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    Commonwealth Bank urges Aussies to net phishing fraudsters before tax time tangles

    The easiest way to beat scams, is when you receive a message, instead of clicking the link or using the phone number in it, contact the business directly itself via phone or email. That way you get verification from the real source.
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    Scam / Fraud

    I loved watching that show when I was a kid!!
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    Senior Aussies urged to follow 'rentirerment' scheme to free up 137,000 homes

    The older you are, the more chance of health issues or trip accidents. Who will pay medical costs for these oldies when they need it in some foreign country?
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    Scrub-free sparkle: Dishwasher tablet trick makes oven cleaning a breeze!

    Yep there was a story about how this is fake, and somewhat dangerous to do.
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    Shocking cruise experience leaves Aussie family itching in anger

    Most likely they were brought on board via a passengers luggage from an infested home.
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    Ex-pilot’s trial unfolds secret affair between missing senior campers

    Who cares if they were having an affair. The issue here us they were murdered.
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    Singapore Airlines apologises to injured Australian couple after flight turbulence

    I agree completely with the first comment. All flights I've been on say to keep your belt on whilst seated in case of turbulence. This is an issue that relies on passengers to do the best thing. If anything, maybe the airline could do free flights home for the injured? It's really not the...
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