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    Cardinal George Pell passes away following hip surgery complications

    I an He may have been good at his job at the Vatican, but he left behind a trail of carnage, broken people and tortured souls here in Melbourne in his pursuit of self preservation . Not sorry he is gone.
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    Shopping on a tight budget? Here's a budget grocery list to keep you healthy under $70

    Please tell me where she gets 500grams of beef mince for $5.50. She must shop in 2015! And one banana? Who gets to eat that? Also, what happens on the weekend - does she practise abstinence?
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    Aussie renter horrified after receiving 'predatory' letter from real estate agent

    Seriously? This is nothin Explain to me how this letter is 'predatory'? It is no more than a piece of advertising, stuck in every letterbox. 'This company wouldn't know whose letterbox these 'letters' go into. 'Predator' is a ridiculous word to use. How can a letter advertising a real estate...
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    Aussie renter horrified after receiving 'predatory' letter from real estate agent

    'Emotional' doesn't come near to describing this rant. I would call it disturbing, and I worry for their emotional state. It is a simple piece of advertising, which all businesses do. If there is something in my mailbox I am not interested in reading, it goes in the recycle bin. Simple!
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    Shoppers were disappointed with this popular Kmart holiday item - but is it really as bad as they say?

    Seriously! Do these people have nothing better to do! Get creative people - pick up a marker and write the numbers on it. You bought it for practically nothing. Stop whining, think about all the kids in the world who wold be thrilled to have an advent calendar with no numbers!
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    Get a sparkling clean home with these four 'secret' DIY cleaning products!

    As an Aromatherapist, I have been using these recipes for years. I can't imagine having to buy cleaning products. These recipes are so much cheaper and better for the environment, and no more running to the supermarket when you run out.
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    This woman's jaw-dropping handbag collection is dividing the internet – see for yourself!

    I love handbags, so I can admire them. Otherwise, what she spends her money on is her business. We don't know that she doesn't give to charity, so we shouldn't criticise.
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    An Aussie who doesn’t like Tim Tams? Should her Aussie card be revoked?

    Definit Definitely NOT a fan of the Tim Tam. Just the smell turns my stomach and sends me into sugar shock! And there is something 'off' about the taste.
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    Kmart officially launches new REWARDS PROGRAM - here's what you need to know

    I am already a member of Onepass, and I have saved heaps on delivery costs. It is a great program and it is not just Kmart. It covers Catch, and just recently Bunnings joined. It cost about $4.00 a month, but if you shop online, one delivery per month and you have saved the cost.
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    Sunnyboys may still be around - but not the way you think!

    So, when I was a kid, these drinks were called Jubbly's, and mum used to put them in the fridge the night before so they would be frozen for school the next day. Anyone remember those - the same pyramid shape
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    Vintage jar of Vegemite from the 1930s shocks Aussies with its serving suggestion – are you willing to give it a try?

    I always put a teaspoon of Vegemite in my vegetable soup, instead of salt. Nigella Lawson said that she uses it in her Bolognese sauce. Good for her, good for me!!
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    This creative DIY project is perfect for summer nights!

    Would love to know the cost of this project.
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    Word Association Game

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    Millions of Australians could be fined $11,000 for these everyday items

    I think the ban on single use plastic items is a great idea, but I do wonder what they will be replaced with - if it is wooden products, how many more trees will we lose in that process, wooden stirrers, paper bags, cardboard cups, etc. Food for thought.
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    Largest pension increase in more than 12 years announced as the cost of living soars

    Thi How kind of our wonderful new Government, giving us something we should have had 2 years ago, but not all that exciting when we come to pay bills, one of which has increased twice as much as the intended pay rise. I don't see when it is going to happen. Is it just speculation or do we have...
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