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    A few recent photos I've taken in Victoria

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, I missed the Aurora but that photos is magnificent
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    Tin of buttons

    some of them maybe. especiall any Mother of pearl, Bone, wooden or really unusual ones.
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    Tin of buttons

    As sewer Mum ended with a drawer full of all sorts of buttons. It was handy when playing board games and there weren't enough tokens or the tokens had been lost we just used to raid Mums button drawer for distinct counters. My nephews who lived near mum had fun sorting and counting and making...
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    Travelling By Steam Train

    Also in the Adelaide Hills - The Steam Ranger from Mount Barker to Goolwa and Victor Harbour, or good old Puffing Billy in the Dandenongs in Vic
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    Toasting Fork

    one of the best ways to cook your crumpet as in the briqette fire as a treat. Also good for hauling cooked spuds in foil out of the campfire
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    Joke The REAL diet

    Maybe its new glasses time !!
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    The most important one!
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    Aussies froth over sky-high coffee prices and card surcharges during public holiday

    Its not the retailers who are at fault it is the Banking system. Credit card fees are charged for the provision of plastic money and have been since the introduction of credit cards over 40 years ago! Its just in recent years that politicians have passed LAWS to allow businesses to recover...
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    Joke Too scared

    Do they have odd sock gremlins in space?
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    Joke The young came to visit

    I'm with you Dennis, no problems with fat fingers or not having your glasses on so you cant see what you are dialling
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    Aussies froth over sky-high coffee prices and card surcharges during public holiday

    RobboIt it is IILLEAGL under several Industrial Relations laws to underpay ANY staff employed on the books and on a public holiday regardless of how old they are. The penalty rate is double time and a half which under the hospitality and Fast food wards is anywhere from $29.04 an hour for a...
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    Bread & Butter Pudding

    comfort food at its best when the nights are Cold
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    Joke *Who said car names don't have meaning...???*

    Alfa - Always looking for another. or the Rolls can ardly. - rolls down one hill and can hardly get up the next or the old original Morris mini - the only difference between a Mini & A motor bike is you cant drop a Mini, but they can be carried up kerbs and steps on occasions
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    Joke Disarmed!

    not if its a male
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    Joke I'll Try?

    a hungover one?
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    Telstra scam

    Old fashioned metal sports whistle works much the same - applied to crank calls and heavy breathers successfully in the past.
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    Pink musk sticks

    loved sucking and twirling them to a sharp point when they were hard. and yes I agree NotNats the modern ones don't stay as fresh or taste as good. Probably have half the sugar and god only knows what else removed from them. Still look for them anyway when in need of a sugar fix.
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    Telstra scam

    Watch out the scammers also claim to be from NBN, who are a Wholesaler and DO NOT DEAL DIRECT with the public. Ask them how they got your number as this not only puts them on the back foot but also makes them aware yoo are onto them. All our family numbers are now listed on the Do Not Call...
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    Twin Tubs

    been there done that on my Nannas wringer
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