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    Where are my daily newsletters?

    Where are my daily newsletters? I haven't received a daily newsletter for over a week....... Just wondering if you are all still alive? OR, did I offend someone and you have scrapped me? Robbo128
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    How was I born ?

    Have you been under the rock Dennis?
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    Coles shopper slammed for 'disappointing' behaviour – do you agree?

    That's great Suzanne.... we all have our thoughts and opinions and these should not be judged by others. It would be a very dull place if we all observed things, thought the same way and did the same thing. Have a great day. :)
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    Mum reveals that her garage was visited by 'unwanted guests' after heavy rains

    When an Aussie mum disclosed that her garage had been overrun by huge piles of worms, she sparked a bunch of discussions among her fellow members on the popular Facebook group Mums Who Clean. 'Does anyone know how to deter worms from coming into my garage after it rains?' the woman wrote in her...
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    Mum's chilling secret: what she hid in her kitchen that won't be found for 50 years

    She was a graverobber in a previous life :devilish:
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    Coles shopper slammed for 'disappointing' behaviour – do you agree?

    Good on her. This discussion has been had many times, from people buying "on sale shoes" at KMart and reselling them at a market stall to various other products marked down to clear at other outlets. So many commenters refer to "fairness" and "sharing" in their replies and those thoughts are...
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    Egg Shortage: Australian supermarkets and farmers are 'scrambling' to find solutions

    Hey Gordon, do you want to know how to process the Photo or the chook. Both can be done with not a lot of effort. pm me if you need help......... (y)
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    Etiquette expert shares how to politely refuse more drinks during parties and gatherings

    I can't believe that we need an "etiquette expert" to tell us how to say "No thanks" to another drink. What a load of bullshit. Why complicate life any more than need be?
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    Glow from the inside out: Experts reveal the best self-care practices including one that’s LOVED by celebs

    If you want to glow from the inside out........ Swallow a lightbulb :cool:
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    Dementia prevention: Simple ways to turn everyday activities into a workout

    That's a 71% chance of reducing the risk of getting dementia. The other 29% is taken care of by having a beer after all those workouts. 100% reduction = dementia solved...... You beauty
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    Egg Shortage: Australian supermarkets and farmers are 'scrambling' to find solutions

    Yes, I bought some on line but when they arrived, they were scrambled. Roughshod couriers...... I wanted to poach the eggs :cry:
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    The right way to dice an onion? This quick trick is taking the internet by storm!

    Yes, the cutting takes only a few seconds, but to sort, identify and peel each of the little individual pieces takes hours :unsure: . Seriously......
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    Hard of hearing

    What did you say Cheb?
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    NSW police officer intentionally hiding on busy road fines speeding drivers — sneaky or justified?

    Its funny how people perceive this differently. The fact is always ........ There is no sneakiness, grubiness, revenue raising etc... to the drivers who observe the law and drive within the law. Those who believe it is revenue raising just don't get it....... The speed limit is the limit...
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    Kmart shopper spots hilarious price fail: 'Can’t get better than this'

    Those shirts were $8.00, so why are you crying about the fact that I stated a fact? Don't want the truth to get in the way of a good story eh!
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