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    Riddle What's this image saying?

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    SDC Trivia Game #394 - 23/06/2024

    I got 9 out of 10.
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    Photo reveals truth affecting thousands of Aussies

    We should cut back on foreign aid. Charity begins at home!. Look after our own first.
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    'No cash accepted': Customers furious over unannounced changes in fast food chain

    Cheques are also becoming extinct. There were times you would get an invoice, and send a cheque in the mail. These days you can do a cash transfer. All online purchases are by card only. I still prefer to pay cash for my everyday needs. Big bills get...
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    Do you have any hobbies that 'surprised' you?

    Apart from my in factory trade skills, l would be sent out on customer service calls. If someone was unhappy with our furniture products I would more often than not fix the issue in house. But if it was too bad, would return it to the factory. Since...
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    Cooking / Recipes

    Last night l made a simple Risotto. I fried some marinara mix adding some sweet chilli sauce. When just about cooked, added some 40 second rice till soft. Quick and easy.
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    Girls Get Off's 30-Day Sex Challenge

    And one that's willing and able.😘
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    SDC Trivia Game #379 - 08/06/2024

    I got 8 I got 8 out of 10 (80%) answers correct on SDC Trivia Game #379 Question 1: 🟩 Question 2: 🟩 Question 3: 🟩 Question 4: 🟥 Question 5: 🟩 Question 6: 🟩 Question 7: 🟥 Question 8: 🟩 Question 9: 🟩 Quest ion 10: 🟩
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    Unlock secret energy savings ahead of the anticipated $1.5 billion cash boost for 5 million Aussies.

    Wouldn't it be nice if every state or the entire country came under one national grid. Everyone would pay the same supply charge, and the rest on the the amount used. Just dreaming. 😕
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    Doctor warns of 5 warning signs below the belt your ‘package’ may be sending you

    I recently had a TURK operation due an enlarged prostate. It wasn't until l had tests and scans did l know there was a problem as l had no symptoms. It was done under general anaesthesia. I woke up having had a "rebore" and a catheter inserted. There...
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    Health & Beauty More than 50% off - Swisse Men's and Women's Multivitamin @ Chemist Warehouse*

    I've been talking Nature's Way multi vitamins for a long time. Not the Vita Gummies, the tablets. These can be bought in Cole's and Woolworths, quite often on special. Also you get 200 in a pack. Swisse are over rated, and over priced.
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    SDC Trivia Game #373 - 02/06/2024

    Wow. 9 out of 10.
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    Joke Yes, I'm going bald too

    If you are bald at the front you are a thinker. If you're bald at the back you're sexy. If you're bald all over you only think you're sexy. 😃
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    Lots at steak: Aussie farmer's Japan trip sparks pricing rumble with supermarket giants!

    Most,if not all our good meat goes overseas. What we get is second rate. We pay top price thinking it's good quality. You only get better at a butcher, but have to pay a much higher price, which most can't afford.
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