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    Riddle What's this image saying?

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    Surprise guest slithers into Aussie home's kitchen

    Years ago our cat brought home a small brownish colour snake from the creek. Hubby put it in a jar with a tightly fitting push lid on and put it in the entrance in our house. He was going to take it to get identified the next day. Next morning it had escaped, it was hard to believe such a small...
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    'Most beautiful creature': See a breathtakingly rare Aussie species captured on camera!

    There have been several sightings of these wonderful creatures in the area we live in over the years. We caught a glimpse of one scurrying across the road when we were returning home from visiting relatives on their farm one night.
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    Experts make history: Sydney man cryogenically frozen in regional NSW facility

    Not sure there would be much point in being brought back to life in the future if you were in your 80s when you died. I don’t think you would be any younger when you were unfrozen, and you would still likely be suffering from whatever was your cause of death anyway. The cost would never be...
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    Can pigs become a ‘beacon of hope’ in organ transplants and save lives?

    I’m sure most people would be happy to use a pig valve if it saved their life.
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    Woman's honeymoon disaster unfolds following routine beauty procedure

    Bet she’s glad she didn’t have her bikini line waxed as well, ouchy.
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    One pastry's hefty price tag leaves bitter taste in one mum's mouth

    That price is so unrealistic in today’s cost of living crisis. They look like they are homemade, which is even more of a rip off, would be lucky to cost that much for the ingredients for a whole batch of them. Hopefully they do end up having stale biscuits and have to throw them out. Just...
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    Woolworths expands COOK range with six new slow-cooked dishes for busy Aussies

    Will try a couple that may not be too spicy for us, we usually have something quick and easy on the weekend that I work and don’t get home til 5.30ish.
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    Old public phone

    Old public phone I well remember using these. when we were first married we didn’t have a house phone, mobiles didn’t exist, so whenever hubby was sick I used to have to go to the nearest public phone, about three blocks away, to ring his work and let them know. He did the same when I was sick...
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    Tin full of buttons.

    Tin full of buttons. I sure do have a tin full of buttons, I always cut buttons off any worn out clothing and add to my tin. Some of the buttons are from my late mother’s and mother in laws tins. A few years ago I downsized my tin, I sorted a lot and took about three quarters down to the local...
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    Photo reveals truth affecting thousands of Aussies

    I have not noticed this, but I have heard of it happening even in my town, where people who don’t need the help are lining up to get it. It is a shame the charities can’t decline help to such people. There are always unscrupulous people of every nationality who think they are entitled and don’t...
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    Photo reveals truth affecting thousands of Aussies

    This is heartbreaking in a country like Australia. I don’t understand why the governments of every state and the federal government don’t start living up to their promises of providing many much needed homes for people living on the streets. Just in the country town I live in there are huge...
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    Get your home sparkling with Woolworths' most wanted cleaning items for under $25!

    I also use a lot of Cole’s brand cleaning products and find they do as good a job as dearer products.
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    Unlock the secret to getting FREE Woolworths Roast Chicken: ‘That’s fantastic’

    Good on Woolies for doing this instead of throwing the chickens out. Maybe they should donate some to local charities and food banks once the four hour time is up, I’m sure they would be put to even better use this way.
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    Travelling By Steam Train

    I used to travel on the red rattlers to and from the hospital where I was training as a nurse, and my home. I would catch the train about 5 in the morning, or at 4.30 in the afternoon depending what shift I was on. It was always hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. Same coming back on...
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    ACMA alleges blunder over 9.5 million Optus data breach

    I have been affected by the Optus, Medibank private, my deal, and latitude breaches. Not sure how much of my data is out there, so far I haven’t had any demands for money or haven’t been made aware of any loans etc taken out using any of my details. Not sure how many of me are running about in...
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    Remembering the lives of Aussie TV icon Dawn Kenyon (92) and acclaimed Hollywood actor Donald Sutherland (88)

    Never heard of Dawn Kenton either, but used to enjoy MASH. They both lived long lives so now may they RIP.
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    Shocking police assault underscores urgent need for aged care reform

    I don’t see why any violence or force would/ should need to be used against any older person, man or woman, unless they had a gun. Even someone with a knife should be able to be easily disarmed by police If they have been trained properly. Part of the problem is fear, even police would fear for...
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    Daughter’s shocking neglect with elderly mum ends with controversial court decision!

    Very sad for the mother and daughter. I don’t get why the grandson, who was in charge of his grandmothers financial affairs, and who his mother was obviously asking for help with her mum, didn’t realise the true situation and instigate efforts to get help for the grandmother from aged care...
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    You Won't Believe What This Australian Vegan Pub Is Doing to Revolutionize High Tea!

    Very overpriced for most people I would say. But then again a lot of politicians live in Sydney and have just been given an underused large pay rise. Some of them are getting more as a pay rise than a lot of people get to live on for a whole year. Shame on them for being so greedy and not...
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