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    Good one
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    Daughter’s shocking neglect with elderly mum ends with controversial court decision!

    The daughter should be ashamed of herself and locked up for ever
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    Joke I don't tell jokes

    Good one
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    The Ice Cream Job: The Tech Guy – Dr Al

    What a wonderful story. I really love soft serve ice cream and am craving for it now
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    Senior swindles $400K by telling ‘very sophisticated’ lies about cancer, family tragedy

    It's despicable how someone can do that especially their friends. They should be jailed for life
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    You won't believe what this mum wore to a wedding after promising not to upstage the bride!

    That was your daughters wedding not yours. Were you trying to upstage it. What a horrible outfit
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    Discover the Game-Changing Sunflower Lanyards at Australia's Major Airports That Support Invisible Disabilities

    I think the sunflower program is a great idea. I have anxiety and vertigo and have lost confidence now when I am alone. My support worker helps me a lot which is good
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    Community mourns as two lifelong friends pass away in tragic collision

    So sad. May they rest in peace
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    Warning to all members - Remote access scams costing victims tens of thousands...

    When are these scammers going to stop.You don't know who to trust anymore
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    Coles shopper sparks debate over seasonal strawberries pricing

    If you don't like the price don't buy it
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    Robert Irwin unveils bold new career move after shocking scam ordeal

    I don't think we need to see Robert Irwin all the time
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    The Arnott’s Biscuit Story

    Good one
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