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    Gone girl? Irwin clan family member goes missing amid series of rumours

    Ah the 'values' of the internet and mindless people called' influencers' making money off their modified looks ( not always the product) name dropping is and has always, I am a direct descendant of ........!Tada
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    Photo reveals truth affecting thousands of Aussies

    This is more to enhance our security levels and being more popular with the Papuans than China and its offerings.
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    Photo reveals truth affecting thousands of Aussies

    The government said the permanent migration intake would also decrease from 190,000 this financial year to 185,000 in 2024-25 In 2022-23, the number of migrant arrivals increased to 737,000, up from 427,000 the year before. This equates to an annual increase of 73 per cent. In 2020-21, there was...
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    Photo reveals truth affecting thousands of Aussies

    I keep hearing about Nuclear Power submarines ordered and plans for 'big things' as extra airports, roads and suburbs (destroying our environs)like little boxes side by side, many are still half finished or builders failing to complete them due mainly to excessive unpaid costs!! goes on...
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    Photo reveals truth affecting thousands of Aussies

    Absolutely it is as clear as the nose on your face, isn't it?
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    Photo reveals truth affecting thousands of Aussies

    The high numbers of people immigrating here daily by the current government are just ridiculous as now there are more unskilled persons arriving to add to the lines of the disillusioned and a step closer to 3rd-Western world poverty. We on this site are ( I hope) the fortunate ones. We have a...
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    SDC Trivia Game #391 - 20/06/2024

    Bowing my sub-intellectual head I only got three correct in my haste ..
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    Word Explorers

    Cybele Cyprus Cygnet Cycle
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    Doctor inherits $24 million windfall amidst legal battle over patient's will

    Whatever is the truth the doctor wins...
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    Winter Warming Mulled Wine

    Ahh , I used to make this on top of my combstion stove that ran 24/7 when living on the mountains. Always popular and the trick to having the best flavours is not to let it boil, just very gently simmer only...
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    Vandals behead and cover historic monument in red paint on King’s Birthday

    On a news now, a Political Party is currently being formed by Muslims to contest the ruling parties. With the high percentage who are practising or born into Middle Eastern Muslim, societies, we need to see a potential outcome with the high volume of immigration comes changes, not always as...
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    Debt-beds? Aussies resort to grim funeral methods amid economic crisis

    I paid ahead with BARE when they first provided their scheme. No fanfare and huge costs. Also, sufficient funds put aside to pay for any fees involved other than the cremation and for a wake that can be held at home with me also 'in attendance' before my ashes are cast to the four elements...
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    ‘Send help’: Irish expat warns others about swam of this pest

    Called the Great Aussie Salute since the 40's if I recall.
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    Johnny's Furniture enters voluntary administration

    I saw something I think on Current Affair about this company not fulfilling any long- time orders after months of the customer waiting and refusing to refund deposits or any payments ( as per Company policy!!?)and yet still hard selling and taking many new orders. I sense there will be many...
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    Stop this driving habit or risk losing $514 and your driving licence!

    There were far less vehicles and much easier traffic conditions then as well as the old Gregorys book of maps. If you are a senior person!!!
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    Resident slams major city council for ‘disgraceful’ tactic: ‘It's a waste of money’

    So agree and see no issue with the tags at all if one is recycling what we are all advised to. More stuff goes in our Red bin that I question!!!! And yes the bins do need some hosing down... some people professionally clean the bins ..not sure how much er bin or size but an undesirable job!!
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    Tootsie and 9 to 5 icon Dabney Coleman passes away at 92

    When we read of the death of celebrities we are familiar with like this, it is a wake-up call we are also in the same genre!
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