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  1. Olwynn

    Ragnor he loves cuddles likes water follows u everywhere.

    Adorable. Looks like he has a sweet nature.
  2. Olwynn

    Mediterranean tuna and rice bake

    Hello Babybird and thank you for posting. Q. What could I substitute instead of the feta? would parmesan work? Cheers Olwyn 💐
  3. Olwynn

    Our family

    Good looking bunch. and...Oh my, I am glad your feeding that tribe. 🤣
  4. Olwynn

    Sydney Harbour - early morning arrival 2/1/2023

    Another great skyline. Thank you for sharing ❤️
  5. Olwynn

    A pic from a rare viewpoint, from the flight deck.....

    Ooh, Thanks for sharing this. I love flying.
  6. Olwynn

    Yarra River Melbourne by Night

    A familiar sight for me, when I travell to the city.
  7. Olwynn

    The Monster’s Fin, Lake Baikal in Russia

    Breathtakingly beautiful, puzzling, and impressive.
  8. Olwynn

    Dragopn Head Rock - Rye Jan 24 (Click to open whole photo if you're interested)

    Wow, now that's got it all mood, atmosphere, colour, movement.... love it.
  9. Olwynn

    My Little Bonsai

    I have a liking of bonsai. Did you do this yourself?
  10. Olwynn

    "Jackie Chan " Smart, Affectionate, loyal, Jack Russell/Shitsu X

    Thank you re pic. Yes He thinks he is adorable also.🤣
  11. Olwynn

    "Jackie Chan " Smart, Affectionate, loyal, Jack Russell/Shitsu X

    "Jackie Chan " Smart, Affectionate, loyal, Jack Russell/Shitsu X
  12. Olwynn

    Brain tumour survivor slams Centrelink after support payments cut off mid-recovery

    I am teary, reading this...Centrelink stopped my Disability payment last year in October without any notification. I came upon this knowledge by accident, after setting up the confusing clunky myGov, MygovID, Services and Medicare files again. When I tried to ring the automated system, announces...
  13. Olwynn

    ‘Toxic positivity’ is out: welcome to the new world of indulgent pettiness

    How about.... Keep it real, be informed, be kind, be honest, and be respectful. This should eliminate the " judgment attitudes " displayed by so-called influencers that have become demi-gods to a our x, y' z younger generations. Example: Recently, a friend, ( a respected GP) was astounded...
  14. Olwynn

    Tequila lime chicken

  15. Olwynn

    Joke Is It Because I'm Blonde?

  16. Olwynn

    Keep a Word, Drop a Word Game

    Ahoy Matey
  17. Olwynn

    Clean your fly screens like a pro with this Kmart product!

    Ooh, I will try this. Thanks @kaypaul
  18. Olwynn

    Hello All...

    Hello All... Just joined. I am from South Gippsland. Off work with a serious injury ( ankle). Have just learned to bake sourdough artisan bread, sandwhich bread, rolls etc. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know you all. Cheers Olwynn
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