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  1. Jarred Santos

    Protect your wallet: Aussies lost $16.2 million to this alarming scam trend

    I do this, too! But not before obsessively checking the destination account if I have the right details :LOL:
  2. Jarred Santos

    Mum confused by odd find in teenage son’s room: ‘VERY weird’

    When unexpected discoveries occur within the confines of a teenager's room, parents (and grandparents) might be confused and concerned. This was precisely the case for one mum, who stumbled upon a peculiar item in her son's room—a dog paw cleaner. For the average Aussie family, it’s not...
  3. Jarred Santos

    Coles’ apology over shopper’s self-checkout rant falls flat for some shoppers: ‘He’s not wrong’

    The advent of self-serve checkouts in supermarkets has been a divisive topic for years, and it seems the debate has been sparked anew thanks to a viral video from a disgruntled shopper. The video, which has now been viewed over a million times, features Aussie comedian Joe Salanitri delivering...
  4. Jarred Santos

    Empty shelves seen to persist in state’s supermarkets as restocking efforts continue

    As the residents of one state are well aware, the recent extreme weather events have not only disrupted daily life but have also had a significant impact on the availability of essential goods. The heavy rainfall that closed critical transport routes, including the Eyre Highway and the...
  5. Jarred Santos

    Search underway after criminal’s horrifying assault of grandmum

    In a deeply unsettling incident that has rocked the community of a major urban centre, a grandmother was subjected to a harrowing experience that prompted a city-wide alert and a fervent manhunt. The incident occurred in broad daylight, a stark reminder that danger can strike at the most...
  6. Jarred Santos

    Shopper shares alleged ‘feeble’ fruit rebrand attempt at Coles: ‘The worst season of the year’

    In the world of fruit rivalries, the debate between Shepherd and Hass avocados can divide a nation, especially in Australia, where avocados are not just a food but a cultural icon. The latest skirmish in this ongoing battle has seen supermarket giant Coles come under fire for what some call a...
  7. Jarred Santos

    ‘I wish you weren’t a c***’: Did this Aussie comedian really ban some seniors from his shows?

    Laughter is often said to be the best medicine, and a night out at a comedy show can be just the ticket to lift the spirits. However, for one Australian comedian, a recent show turned into a battleground of wits when an elderly heckler decided to take on the role of a critic rather than a...
  8. Jarred Santos

    Woolworths CEO threatened with contempt charge in Senate supermarket price inquiry

    In a dramatic turn of events that has captured the attention of consumers and industry watchers alike, Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci found himself in hot water during a Senate inquiry, facing threats of jail time and fines for his reticence in discussing the supermarket giant's substantial...
  9. Jarred Santos

    This strange product at Bunnings is making shoppers hysterical—find out why!

    Don't quote me on this, but some would take this as an idea to shoo unruly children away from their property 🤣
  10. Jarred Santos

    Swimmers beware: This deadly danger at a popular spot could put your life at risk

    Hello @Antigone! I can confirm that the article has been corrected. Thanks so much for calling us out on it!
  11. Jarred Santos


    Sometimes we feel like we could do with a lot less scam stories, but comments like these are why we persist. Even just one person remembering something they read about scams is already a huge win against these nasty criminals!
  12. Jarred Santos

    Joke Fore!

    I sure hope these blokes didn't drive to and from the golf course :LOL:
  13. Jarred Santos

    The moon during the day

    Love how you start seeing the terrain the closer you get to the dark side. Awesome picture, @PeakA!
  14. Jarred Santos

    Joke Got some to spare for me?

    I need about $1,000,000 to learn this lesson myself, methinks 🤣
  15. Jarred Santos

    Bondi tragedy hits close to home for Sunrise stars

    Really a sad, sad story all throughout. When I first heard of the mum (and her final act), I was completely heartbroken.
  16. Jarred Santos


    I always enjoy these with a drizzle of syrup or a scoop of ice cream. And now I have another craving :LOL: Thanks for sharing, @Babybird! We appreciate you and your shared recipes!
  17. Jarred Santos

    Free Information Session on 'Keeping your Personal Information safe'

    Wow! ID Support also has a password checker, too. If you're on the fence about trying it (which is a good thing!), it says on their website: 'The Password Strength Tester is anonymous. We never collect, track, or store your passwords, so no one can link them to your usernames, accounts, or...
  18. Jarred Santos


    Thanks so much for sharing your story, Coralie @Corinasara. I'm glad they didn't succeed! It's quite scary though how they had a number from your home state. How can they make it appear that they're phoning in from Aus? Thank heavens the accents are a dead giveaway, but still...
  19. Jarred Santos

    Swimmers beware: This deadly danger at a popular spot could put your life at risk

    Wow, this story sent mo down quite a rabbit hole. Not a fan of how the amoeba basically eats your brain 😬
  20. Jarred Santos

    Where have you been lately?

    Wow, @Panred! Send us pictures of the views, if you can. Sounds wonderful!
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