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  1. CliffE

    Vandals behead and cover historic monument in red paint on King’s Birthday

    Maybe we speak Chinglish learn all, maybe say someting at next govment erection!
  2. CliffE

    A sobering moment: This brewery is saying goodbye after 36 years

    With the high cost of living and high taxes on alcohol who can afford to buy beer these days?
  3. CliffE

    Vandals behead and cover historic monument in red paint on King’s Birthday

    In the news last night footage was shown of two people "defacing" King Charles' portrait, which for those people just arrived on Earth, is predominantly RED. Some "image" was pasted over the face. Now a statue of an ancestor is now headless and painted RED. Notice a similarity here? Copycat...
  4. CliffE

    Scam / Fraud

    I knew an Estell once, her actual name was Estells Cam. I had to get rid of her as I was spending too much money on her and getting nothing back in return. Got the inspiration for this from Alfred Hitchcock, I have every episode of his TV series and watch one or two every morning. "Now that...
  5. CliffE

    Cash con: Restaurant takes a bite out of bogus bills, dishing out lessons in hospitality industry

    I wonder if it works on counterfeit humans?
  6. CliffE


    Just like, What would you do if you had a rubber trumpet? Join an elastic band.
  7. CliffE

    Riddle Afternoon Riddle 11.06.2024

  8. CliffE

    Aussie dietitian exposes budget supermarket foods to avoid

    I put one up there for you.
  9. CliffE

    Shadows over sunny Australia: Study predicts unliveable conditions due to extreme heat

    Just what is Australia's carbon footprint (or minor fart) compared to India and China('s major fart)? If you want to see something hilarious about...., well watch it anyway.
  10. CliffE

    ‘Exceptionally loud’: Neighbourhood noises shamed online

    If it is not on your carpet, no problem.
  11. CliffE

    Riddle What's this image saying?

  12. CliffE

    Joke Grampa needs help

    They need a Great more help.
  13. CliffE


    To get condensed milk, sign the cow up for "Honey I shrunk the dairy farm "
  14. CliffE

    Wheelie bad luck: ‘Bumbling bandits’ bungle motorcycle theft attempt

    Woolworths a few years ago was asking shoppers to donate $2.00 to some charity, a customer in front of me gave $50.00. With Woolies Billion$ of profit they couldn't give anything? They could buy the charity out of their petty cash.
  15. CliffE

    ‘Exceptionally loud’: Neighbourhood noises shamed online

    You can also buy a Glock 9mm with a silencer on the black market!
  16. CliffE

    From booze to bacon: Cancer dietitian warns against culinary culprits

    Item on the news now, "Too much face in the phone can lead to shrinking of the brain" So what is happening now is that there is a generation of brainless morons growing up amongst us, but, having said that, one has to be a brainless moron to spend 150% of ones life on the phone in the first place!
  17. CliffE

    Spelling Mistakes

    They left out Denise and de Nephew not to mention de legate.
  18. CliffE

    Joke ''It Makes Me look fat!''

    I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and rocks, And all I ask is a bar of soap to wash my dirty socks; And the wife’s kick and her screaming song and the white sheets shaking, And a grey mist upon my face, and a grey dawn breaking. And the bloody washing's not getting dry...
  19. CliffE

    Joke ''It Makes Me look fat!''

    The exasperated judge asked the accused, "Just answer YES or NO, are you still beating your wife?"
  20. CliffE

    Joke Is there life after death?

    Trespassers take note "THE SECOND SHOT WILL BE A WARNING SHOT!"
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