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  1. Happyjack


    it's the whole head aka tree trunk
  2. Happyjack

    Amazon Prime scam

  3. Happyjack


    Aardvark? who knew there were giant aardvarks in Aussie? This dead one near my current campsite
  4. Happyjack

    Amazon Prime scam

    Amazon Prime scam Phone call message to say my Amazon Prime subscription is due for renewal, if want to cancel #1, guy on the other end with subcontinental accent so after some questions I said I would cancel direct through my Prime a/c. we can do that and have sent you a OTP. When he asked...
  5. Happyjack

    Extreme weather forces Coles and Woolworths to confront grim supply chain gaps
  6. Happyjack

    10 major concerns emerging as Australia shifts towards digital transactions

    I live on the road and I do need to carry a small stash of cash for such things as campground donations or payments to volunteer organisations. plus roadside stalls My bank is only on-line but I can get cash out of an ATM or if all else fails the Post Office. however most purchases are on...
  7. Happyjack

    This traffic law could cost you big—are you guilty of breaking it?

    A bit of a nonsense rule - in NZ once the pedestrian has crossed the centre line the driver can proceed and it has NEVER been an issue. the only reason I can think of it allows another pedestrian to start to cross while the other is still on the crossing rather than wait for the car to go
  8. Happyjack

    The temptress

    The temptress
  9. Happyjack

    Those danged passwords

    Those danged passwords So danged annoying when websites don't have the option to view your password especially when entering a new one with a repeat for confirmation, and then get told they don't match. Of course one has no clue as to what parts(s) don't match. Easy peasy: type it out in a...
  10. Happyjack

    Are you showering the right way? A dermatologist reveals some shocking hygiene mistakes you're probably making!

    The navel fairy - Ina I have a jar full I've collected over some 60 years. No money like the tooth fairy though :) Oh, and Innies and Outies describe somewhere else too
  11. Happyjack

    Discover the little-known secret to speeding up your home Wi-Fi

    another thing - a few years back i was told by a telstra tech that the signals come in in 'packets' .In networking, a packet is a small segment of a larger message. Data sent over computer networks*, such as the Internet, is divided into packets. These packets are then recombined by the...
  12. Happyjack

    Spinach And Cheese Pie Spanikopita

    Being a solo traveller I buy the Aldi frozen one - and cut out a 1/3rd and do in my airfryer. Truly delish.
  13. Happyjack

    You won't believe what this Western Australian dumpster diver uncovers from supermarket waste!

    yes they do - at one Aldi neaer where I was farm sitting allowed me access to their waste bin for chook scraps after OZ Harvest had been. except I fed myself as well. The best was probably a whole lamb roast, but there were lots of other goodies too. Aldis in rural towns are the best bet for...
  14. Happyjack

    Is your Wi-Fi slow? These unsuspecting household items could be the culprits!

    Another thing I was told some years ago by a Tesltra techie was that the internet signal arrives in "packets", not a continuous stream. Over time theses packets can clutter up the router. Turn the router fpr 10+secs to clear the clutter then turn back on. I have noticed that the same thing with...
  15. Happyjack

    Joke My New Car

    even my caravan is a chick magnet - with breakfast delivered . Although sometimes they do tempt fate
  16. Happyjack

    Why Aussies are furious over this newspaper column about wealthy retirees

    A couple of things - a correction to your headline - they are not after financial help which infers they need money, but rather financial advice. - is the whole thing actually a windup. That much money and asking advice in a newspaper column? Surely a prudent person would go to tax accountant...
  17. Happyjack

    ‘Scary’ trend alert: Aussies are risking their health to save money

    I guess I am one of the very lucky ones. I live on the road on a pension and need regular checks for diabetes II and cholesterol although usually not more than 6 monthly, plus top ups of prescriptions. In 5 years I have only had 1 practice that did not immediately bulk bill but required payment...
  18. Happyjack

    Extravagant Mansion, Star-Studded Guest List, and Lavish Banquet: Inside the Wedding of Radio Host Kyle Sandilands

    What a waste giving gifts and especially cash to someone so wealthy - wouldn'y it have been better that they all gave the $ equivalent to worthy causes, and maybe he should have stipulated as such, especially those he has made some vile comments about. With all those comments and his history...
  19. Happyjack

    Man arrested for throwing a hamburger through a police car window

    Sounds like he got fines with that
  20. Happyjack

    Behind the Scenes of Budget Retailing: Startling Discovery in Smith's Chips Multi-Pack Raises Questions

    Food etc processors have contracts for various brands for the same items and the only difference may be in the labels. Have a look at the ingredients, and nutrition especially, info on a label and compare brands - if the are the same bingo, same maker. Although some may get clever and put...
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