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    AIBU 31.05.2024

    Tell her go back to her allotted seat and sit the f..k down so we can all get home safe
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    The SDC Newsletter Dawn Service: What ANZAC Day Means To You

    I had many Uncles, Cousins, relations in all of the Wars, War is a man made disagreement between participating countries, nothing good happens from itt. We were pulled into war by big headed men in politics and we the people have had to deal with the outcomes. And guess what, now there is...
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    AIBU 12.04.2024

    It just a name, who really cares if you go byblack white or brindle, it just a name after all, stick to your guns
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    Woolworths’ decision on iconic ANZAC Day tradition leaves veterans outraged: ‘It’s common courtesy’

    It possibly because when we buy the anzac tins $ goes to RSL not to woollies
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    Engagement Parties!

    No engagement, so no party. Got married in registry office, no guests. Had lunch in nice hotel then had to rush back hime as he had start work mid afternoon That was 56 years ago, Unfortunely he contracted lung cancer and went home to God 36 years ago,
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    ‘It makes me furious': American shares honest take on Australia's daylight saving time

    Who really cares, we ozzies are used to it that wat matters lol
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    Frustrated dad’s shocking ‘state’-ment starts online debate—‘we were just sick of it’

    Family member moved to WA in 1982 and settled in Bunbury During a weekend their 11 yr old son who had braces at the time, had an accident with a towell getting caught on wire of his braces and he spent weekend with wire poking out of his mouth, as there wete and still are no weekend dentist...
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    The -ing Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Christmas Merry Christmas Everyone, hope next year will be a good one xx
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    Abbreviation Game (Level: HARD)

    Bed Some where I sleep home Swish
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