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    Riddle Riddle Masters 14.06.2024

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    Joke Too scared

    I never understand how anyone loses socks in the wash. I always put mine in a mesh washing bag so they stay together and never get lost.
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    Apple announces big changes coming to your iPhone—Learn what they are!

    I can only wonder what these new phones will cost.
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    Advice wanted

    We had to have a clear out when we moved to Australia from England. We gave things to friends and family whom we knew needed the things we had and gave the rest of the useful things to charity organisations. The rest was junk and treated that way.
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    Advice wanted

    I suggest any large pieces you cannot take but are particularly fond of could be photographed so you have a physical memory of them.
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    Shocking truth about ‘forever chemicals’: Is tap water poisoning you?

    The water in my area is the worst in NSW I am sure. The fellow who replaces the core in my hot wter system every 5 years has told me that he works from the Qld border down to Newcastle and Grafton is the worst he has ever come across. I would not drink tap water straight from the tap ever but...
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    Joke The young came to visit

    Very clever!
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    Scam / Fraud

    Got this one Supposedly from ATO today. We're holding your refund. 1.) Click here to lodge your pending activities. 2.) Check and update your banking information. So obviously a scam as I haven't worked for the last 22 years and couldn't possible be owed anything by the Tax Office.
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    Thanks Dennis for a good laugh!
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    Very good!
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    Why do you have to criticise people who cannot spell correctly? No everyone is able to because of many reasons, one of which is being dyslexic. These people in SDC try their best to get their point of view across so stop criticising their lack of spelling as you do not know their...
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    The only thing I like about Maccas is their coffee
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    Switch off your phone's WiFi now!

    My phone is not c onnected to wi-fi
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    My daughter has her identity stolen twice on Facebook but they won't do anything about the scum who do it. Luckily she warned her family and friends in time and started again with a new name.
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    Joke Disarmed!

    Good one Dennis.
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    Joke Disarmed!

    Two elderly women out driving one day came to an intersection. The light was red, but they just carried on through. The woman in the passenger seat thought to herself: “I must be losing it. I could’ve sworn we just went through a red light.” At the next set of lights, they again sailed on...
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    Joke I'll Try?

    Could be glasses that change with the difference in the light.
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    King’s Birthday trading hours: Find out which stores will be open this long weekend!

    I was really surprised when I first came to Australia to find that there was a holiday for the then Queen's Birthday. After being born and raised in England we did not have a holiday like this at all. I came to the conclusion that in Australia any excuse is good for a long weekend.
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