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    ALDI's price prowess: Switching from Woolworths saves ‘small fortune’ for this Aussie shopper

    Aldis is definitely cheaper overall (for now) I suspect they will catch the same disease as the big two, I used to buy the crumpets from aldies when they were $1 versus Coles and woolies $3 but now they seem to be catching up, still cheaper so now I only buy one pack, The brands they sell are...
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    Government decision hits Chemist Warehouse's prescription policy

    chemists are not what they used to be ,these days they are just grocers re tailing pre packed meds (nothing is made up in store anymore) drugs are just like weet box another product the only thing they do is type labels and that takes twenty mins
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    Parcel theft epidemic: Australia Post urges vigilance amid growing concerns

    try filling your next delivery box with dog poo and leaving it out, after you get your goods out
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    Major Aussie airlines announce massive seat sales

    $69 to get much to come back ? (bet its not $69 )
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    Welfare boost on the horizon: Treasurer hints at significant increase ahead of federal budget

    actually for them to get the aged pension, would mean a drop in income for them...they would probably struggle. poor things, but remember , they can vote, and guess which way they will.
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    Welfare boost on the horizon: Treasurer hints at significant increase ahead of federal budget

    maybe the govt wants the dole recipe to swing to the gov at elections..
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    Welfare boost on the horizon: Treasurer hints at significant increase ahead of federal budget

    if I was unemployed ...with this amount (Which is equal to the old aged pension) I would not bother with a job I would just live like a pensioner as many now do...there IS work available (thats why. the govt is importing migrants,500,000 at a time to fill the vacancies)....common sense, the more...
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    Attention Centrelink recipients: Claim your energy bill rebate!

    good ol' gov......give with the left hand and take back with the right....
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    Breakup of supermarket giants? Senate inquiry backs suggestions against price gouging

    the best tool to fix this situation is to invite other companies here or o'seas to compete....the natural greed inherent in all these cos will start to compete with each other which will end any collusion between them, the shrinking share of the market will bring out the greed in them to knock...
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    Government to roll out digital IDs in few weeks—here's what we know so far

    BIG BROTHER HAS LANDED.......a new world begins....
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    Cash-paying customer erupts in anger after outrageously long checkout delay at Coles

    I can never find staff on the floor ,I even wait at the entrance to the storeroom to no avail so I just dont buy the item in question
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    Are you being overcharged? This council error cost residents over $10 million!

    they get there by promotion and popularity and media exposure...not on their ability to do the job they use their popularity (any movie star or famous singer etc is a shoe in )once in they aspire to get into state or federal (saucers of milk ) again skill is not required just popularity..after...
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    Are you being overcharged? This council error cost residents over $10 million!

    our council in Gosford goes broke about every 10 yrs (last one is when they gambled approx one BILLION of our money on U.S. shares.) They explained to me that they must invest wisely, I explained to them they must SPEND our money wisely. We are still recovering from that loss and they do it...
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    Driving shift: Senior road safety debate heats up in this Aussie state

    is it the number of elderly killed.?.. or the number of elderly at fault in fatal always suspicious of statistics .I believe driving records should be taken into consideration
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    Jetstar’s 20th birthday sale takes off and brings flyers back in time with low fares

    very cheap ...BUT ask is this one way?... then ask how much to come back? surprise surprise good for emigrants {of which we hardly have any) they must think were stupid
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    Real estate agent's shocking scam revealed: ‘One of the most severe examples of a breach of trust’

    why such a easy sentence.. she is a THIEF if she stole that from a bank she would not get such a rewarding sentence. maybe I should steal $100,000 and gladly go to jail fr 3 months (if im caught) It just might be worth the wonder crime is on the increase
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    Protect your wallet: How Aussies are being fleeced by ‘unscrupulous’ taxi drivers

    using cash will soon be obsolete within 6 to 12 to use a uber , seem to be better run.....then the taxis will scream bloody murder...poor things...we certainly have a terrible taxi industry and no one seems to care, being one of the most expensive countries for travel (or...
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    seniors beware - scam if you are the lucky superwinner

    Newsflash cant win a prize if you HAVENT entered a lottery or competition if someone says you have .....ITS A SCAM
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    Meta's AI Llama 3 gallops Down Under: Aussies get a taste of tech magic!

    trust and responsibility? from zuckenerg?would you buy a used car from him??....proceed with caution ..beware forked tongue
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    The Solitaire Thread

    8 games in a row and half way ...frozen ...enough , im done no more!
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