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    Tech Talk with Dr Al: Robot Vacuum Cleaners – The Ideal Maid!

    My son’s lounge room clock is controlled by Alexia which I found fascinating. We were sitting relaxing waiting for him to finish work when all of a sudden this voice inquired whether we were okay, did we want to listen to music or could she tell us a joke. We were a bit startled until we...
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    Tech Talk with Dr Al: Robot Vacuum Cleaners – The Ideal Maid!

    My poor sister in law felt exactly the same way, she threatened to kill it. 🤣🤣🤣
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    Tech Talk with Dr Al: Robot Vacuum Cleaners – The Ideal Maid!

    This is a very interesting article Dr Al. I can feel the day rapidly approaching when I too will need one of these. My son was very interested in buying one last year but he hired himself a cleaner instead. My sister in law had an encounter with one earlier this year when she house sat for her...
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    Save big on your commute! State cuts public transport fares down to 50 cents

    I feel for everyone who has to travel long distances to get to appointments etc. Launceston is such a small city that usually we can get where we’re going in 10 to 15 minutes. Last year when my husband had several surgeries & constant medical & radiation appointments we could leave home & be...
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    Aussie town erupts in delight over Centrelink scene: ‘This gets better days out than I do’

    I regard it as a big country town masquerading as a city. Yes it is where I live!
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    Aussie town erupts in delight over Centrelink scene: ‘This gets better days out than I do’

    The alpaca is a common sight in Launceston & is often about on the rare occasions I venture in. I think I’ve only ever seen it with a male in charge, usually in the mall. I often wonder why the owners have to take it everywhere though. I do love alpacas & often see them on farms guarding the sheep.
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    Holden Kingswood

    Did you ever work on the Toranas? Ours had been tampered with in the factory, but I think they said it was made in Adelaide, metal filings kept appearing in the carburettor. It was always at the dealership being repaired so was the last Holden we ever bought, making the switch to Ford. We now...
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    Holden Kingswood

    I learned to drive in the model before this one. My dad and my husband always had Holdens so I’ve driven a few of them. I loved our v8 kingswood but the last one we had was truly horrible, it constantly stalled on me. Often Ted would come home to find it parked in odd places because I’d...
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    Milk at school

    I absolutely hated school milk time as I can’t stomach full cream milk. Usually my friends would drink my bottle but if it was wet & we were confined inside with teachers supervising it was a little more difficult. We had a really nasty Year 2 teacher, I’m sure she was a witch, who made us all...
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    This pantry staple can drastically lower your risk of dementia—will you stock up?

    I certainly remember and I hope no one ever thinks that it would be a good idea to bring it back. My mum used to dose us up on all sorts of weird stuff. The tasty delights I deprived my son of!
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    Rice to the occasion: Genius cleaning trick makes bottle cleaning a grain of truth!

    Me too. I remember watching mum & her friends do this when I was a small child.
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    Cate Blanchett's outfit choice at Cannes stirs controversy—is she making a political statement?

    It’s a dress black, pink with a bit of green lining on the train bit, possibly means that it was a gown she liked, nothing more. Why does everything have to be about a making a political statement? I don’t support Hamas or Israel but I certainly hope for peace.
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    Joke Oh, mothers...

    This joke reminds me so much of a female relative, I can totally see her doing this. We often joke that she would be a brilliant sergeant major!
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    This shopping centre ban has everyone in town talking: ‘This doesn’t make sense’

    Why would you take a dog, unless it’s an assistance dog, to a shopping centre? Even my rather spoilt “fur nephew” gets left at home, doesn’t even get to go to Bunnings.
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    On-air talent reveals shocking allegations against ex-Channel Nine news chief

    I agree with Carol & Frida 1944 that men shouldn’t be named until proven guilty but I often have discussions with my friends about the behaviour of some these days. Racism should be a thing of the past & the prevalence of sexual assault and domestic violence is horrifying especially when young...
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    This Royal's portrait sparks citizens' outrage: 'You must be joking!'

    That is even worse than King Charlie’s portrait. It should’ve been consigned to the shredder, it’s enough to cause Catherine to suffer nightmares for life.
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    Aussies share food items they miss due to 'repulsively absurd' prices

    Mum would never let us have such a treat! My husband would totally agree with you & he asked my mum one day if he could have some bread to dip in the roast pan & poor mum was horrified. She had been fed this as a child & vowed to never give it to her children. Poor Ted, he was taken aback.
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    Aussies share food items they miss due to 'repulsively absurd' prices

    I haven’t changed my shopping habits either. I have always bought items like olive oil, coffee pods & twinings tea bags when they’re on special, also laundry detergent or anything else that has always been expensive. I do try & cut back on waste where ever possible, but I’ve always done this so...
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    Woolworths announces major update on Direct To Boot Service—is your local store affected?

    We love direct to boot from Woolworths & use it every fortnight. Why would l want to waste over an hour wandering around a store searching for things & getting annoyed by people, screaming children etc when I can spend 15mins on the iPad & Ted collects the next day. The staff at our local...
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