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    Fancy a cuppa with the SDC?

    Not rec’d as yet 😢
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    Aussie shopper discovers 'intriguing' find in Coles' fruit aisle: 'Can I take it as a pet?'

    I just hv problems finding the right potatoes in supermarkets. WHY do Coles/Woolworths fail to identify, i e NAME, potato varieties?! Instead of buying a plastic bag titled MASH, we should teach everyone which potatoes to the best job for which style of use. Ppl used to know a Desiree, from a...
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    Yoghurt, Berry and White Chocolate Muffins

    Only thing I will change is the White Chic for Milk choc. White choc is only the oil removed after repairing the milk & dark chocolate. White choc is just solidified oil.
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    Seniors Discount Club Petitions!

    The USA, who started this self-serve supermarket rubbish, have admitted they got it WRONG! All US supermarkets are now removing all bar a few self-serve checkouts from every store. These are to be used in “emergency” extremely busy times, NOT as the principle way to make purchases. American...
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    Coles SMS scam

    Massive scam! Messages arrive around 2-3.00am. If you do poke buttons to “spend” those alleged points PLUS $1.70, your credit card is hit with an initial $505.95 charge. If silly enough to get that far, do not poke anything else. Hopefully, you have already set bank restrictions on every...
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    Netflix Australia increases subscription fees in discreet announcement

    Netflix is Greedy! In our current financial crisis, a price increase from a massive wealthy company is extremely uncaring, rotten, and plain greedy. There is no need to increase prices now.
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    Worldwide iMessage outage puts users on timeout

    I most sincerely wish I still had my landline. I always knew where it was and it was always connected. No searching for it under the sofa, in the bathroom & kitchen, searching the car at midnight, etc. With my landline, it never needed charging and I could comfortably move around or continue...
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    Worldwide iMessage outage puts users on timeout

    Completely unimpressed w shrieking wealthy Apple. I kept getting the msg that my internet connection was out, yet everything else connected as it should. This is the first time I hv been made aware of Apple’s outage. Why do they not simply issue a Press statement as soon as the problem has been...
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    Transform your dining experience with this luxe $14 glassware set from Kmart

    I’d like to know why glasses are always sold in sets of SIX? I only need 2 or 4. Never 6
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    Sleep, eat, Swisse, repeat: Unleash your best self with this simple daily habit!

    We refuse to buy “ Swisse “because their tablets are enormous and extremely difficult to swallow. Even halved, they are too big, and when halved the edges are very rough and still cause choking.
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    Binning budgets: Aussie city's residents face upcoming 'bin tax' hike amidst cost-of-living woes

    It is a COMPOST bin! Fed up with wanker Council cretins destroying our language with idiotic acronyms like this stupid FOGO. IT IS A COMPOST BIN! Not Fear Of Going Out, Fear of Growing Old, not Fear Of “anything”. This mis-use and scrambling of our language by Council wankers only serves to...
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    Health officials encourage vaccinations ahead of looming flu season

    Polio has NOT been eradicated and is on this rise again. TB is highly prevalent, especially in NT, thought to come in from Asia. Australia no longer quarantines visitors from overseas countries. It is highly advised that when you turn 50, you get the combined DIPTHERIA and TETANUS booster shot...
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    Health officials encourage vaccinations ahead of looming flu season

    Over 65, and never had a ‘Flu shot. After the stage then stage 2 Covid shots, I only did 1 booster then caught Covid - not fun. But now, I’ve been ill for 3 wks w Acute Bronchitis, which I’ve not had for years. Thinking I’ll hv to go see a doctor about it, but as a pensioner, I hv to find $115...
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    Unlock the secret trick a savvy shopper used to slash her grocery bills!

    So fed up w supermarkets constant DISCRIMINATION against single ppl - you know, the ones w little refrigerators, tiny freezer, no cupboard space or storage! Meat only comes in 500gm or bigger sizes. Would like to by K-ROOs meat but they refuse to pack in 200-250gm sizes. Even mince is 500gm...
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    Dietitian reveals the top supermarket choices and her ultimate favourites!

    ALDI has LO-CARB BREAD $3.30 loaf. Plastic has pale teal colour bands. It is THE most delicious, utterly scrumptious, “to die for” white bread we’ve come across for years. It tastes like, smells like, is just like the way REAL bread used to taste years ago! Love the ADLI LO-CARB BREAD. Ultra...
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    Mum confused by odd find in teenage son’s room: ‘VERY weird’

    At least he is being neat and tidy about it!😁
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    ALDI Special Buys that shoppers can’t stop talking about!

    Why wld anyone want to wear ALDI promo gear without being paid to advertise them? Unfathomable behaviour. Do wearers receive 10% discount at checkouts?
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    Unlock the secret trick a savvy shopper used to slash her grocery bills!

    Like to know what State and Suburb does this. I asked Woollies if they wld reduce a bag of potatoes bcz 2-3 small spuds were a bit green. The man snatched the bag from out of my hand and said we can’t sell them like that, they’ll be thrown out! Rude and what a waste. Nothing wrong w the rest...
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