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    SDC Trivia Game #346 - 06/05/2024

    Appreciate these questions are just a cut and paste from an American supplier, but at the very least amend the spelling to that of this country. Bad enough to hear lazy Americansation of our language in the media etc.
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    This 'sneaky tactic’ by Coles outrages shoppers: ‘They are not making enough money’

    What quality of meat would anyone expect for $9:? It's oyster blade, a cheap cut of meat, from the shoulder blade, with a tough, long line of connective tissue running through the middle, which can resemble an oyster, which is how it got its name. It comes from a very well-exercised part of...
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    Coles’ smart gate crushes shopper’s hand: ‘Hurts like hell'

    What a crock, these gates are much like elevators, once they sense an obstruction they automatically retract. Unless she's an Oompa-Loompa the height of the gates would be nowhere near her coffee holding hand. Anonymous just indicates potential scam.
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    Serial bargain hunter 'blown away' by massive discount at Coles

    More a case of bad management by the store, over estimating the demand. Given the policy of the store is; if they don't have cooked chooks up to 8pm they give you a voucher for a freebie next time instore. Unless someone forgot to hit the button to start the cooking why would you put so many...
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    'Card only!': Nandos' new policy puts restaurant in hot grill

    Has absolutely nothing to do with the 'constitution' it's Reserve Bank responsibility. They have met the requirement with putting up a sign saying card only payment. That's all they have to do, same with cash only operations.
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    'Card only!': Nandos' new policy puts restaurant in hot grill

    There is absolutely no reference to cash in ANY constitution here or elsewhere around the world, not what a constitution is for. The provider of the goods or services is "at liberty to set the commercial terms upon which payment will take place before the 'contract' for supply of the goods or...
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    'Card only!': Nandos' new policy puts restaurant in hot grill

    hate to burst your bubble, but you're not the demographic they're catering to.
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    Pan-demonium: ALDI's special buys spark chaotic shopping craze

    and next time they venture into Aldi, low and behold, there's still more of the stuff still available. Nothing sold at Aldi is ever sold out. Still see the same 'must have' hyped stuff weeks later marked down to try and move it to make room for the next piece of rubbish they sell.
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    SDC Trivia Game #339 - 29/04/2024

    Not sure Africa is part of Europe. Granted the question was sailing due east but also said what European country (Europe is by no means due east, North Easterly would be the more appropriate form for the question.
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    What gets you excited for the colder months?

    mandarins are the only thing I like about the winter months.
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    Shocking checkout behaviour exposed by Coles shopper—is the younger generation to blame?

    Nothing about Karen stating she assisted. The kids response was somewhat correct, the man asked if 'I can grab a bag' not could she (please) grab him a bag.
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    Escalating crime waves: Tribunal shockingly denies ALDI's plea

    nothing stopping them from installing them internally. Council regs don't apply then.
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    SDC Trivia Game #333 - 23/04/2024

    potentially a clue of the diameter of the beach ball would be of help. Otherwise that could be another trivia question, what's the diameter of a beach ball.
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    This photo of an elderly woman at Coles has outraged thousands of Aussies

    over the top sensationalist report, ACA can take lessons from this. Wasn't an elder person, was a young person dressed as an elderly woman. Maybe check the story before copy and paste is put into action. Good example of how much social media fuels these bull$#!t stories that eventually become...
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    You won't believe what Coles and Woolies charge for a popular fruit: ‘Good luck selling them’

    wasn't that many years ago that ONLY seasonal fruit was sold when in season. You want something that is grown naturally, then only buy then. Don't buy force grown and in many cases ripen on transport from northern growing areas to the bigger markets of the southern states.
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    ‘When in love island’: Couple chooses this popular spot for their steamy encounter

    most public access computers have blocks that prevent access to porn sites, but like all obstacles put in place, there's always someone that can find their way around.
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    ALDI chip bag discovery disappoints customer: ‘We weren’t getting our money's worth’

    It's a quality control issue. The computer that discards unweight products is actually fallible.
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    Woolworths CEO threatened with contempt charge in Senate supermarket price inquiry

    It was a Dorothy Dixer question, no other country uses the measure that was put forward. No company uses 'return of equity' as a measure of their performance. Pure grandstanding by this senator (another over paid unelected member of the senate).
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    Woolworths CEO threatened with contempt charge in Senate supermarket price inquiry

    the grandstanding by the (unelected) senate is the greater problem. Nothing will come from this, other than a greens senator increasing his 'profile' but absolutely nothing will result. No other country uses the measure that was referenced, the value of the share is not the measure used. Will...
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    Woolworths CEO threatened with contempt charge in Senate supermarket price inquiry

    He's also leaving the role in a couple of months, why would he even give a s#!t. He'll be back in Sth Africa by years end (before the results of this sham hearing are released).
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