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    Unlock this simple trick to potentially double your $300 energy rebate

    What is the point of shopping around for the best deal, when we have already been on the best deal since last year and yes I did share it here but of course everyone must do their own homework too
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    Unlock free vouchers and gifts at Woolworths during their Appreciation Week!

    Spend more to get "FREE" sure its up to you to Spend more to get "FREE"
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    Unlock free vouchers and gifts at Woolworths during their Appreciation Week!

    Woolworths the not so fresh fruit people need to get all the help they can to entice people to buy
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    State government deploys new safety measures as road toll incidents rise

    No it will not help at all Idiots will always be idiots It is a moneu making scheme for the Government The same hoons are out there all the time, tail gating you to go faster or get out of the way -nothing can be done and will never be done about them at all Children are allowed to learn to...
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    Coles SMS scam

    Nothing new Usual scam
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    Parcel theft epidemic: Australia Post urges vigilance amid growing concerns

    Some Australian Post deliveries are dumped at the front gate when delivery instructions differ from where it was dumpeld. This is usually because the couriers cannot read or understand english or do not read or understand the instruction. Why hire anyone who cannot read English?
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    'Best sandwich ever': See why everyone's obsessed with this humble deli shop!

    It is a far cry about australians enjoying deli meats whose delis are everywjhere in the cities. Until some small deli starts something else. Wonder what's wrong with oz not being better prepared?
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    Small businesses face uphill battle against Meta as hacked social media accounts increase

    FB is very very difficult to deal with and absolurely no human contact
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    Government unveils bold plan to slash energy bills

    Just like the election promise of the invisible $275 to lower power hikes Never believe what thos govt does
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    New budget proposal may put extra $2000 on Aussie households

    What a joke from Albo! More fake promises Many do not have any income coming in ? So how are they going to get $2000 wage increase More BS nothing more
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    Royal confidant: Insider reveals Prince Harry stands by Kate Middleton amid cancer battle

    Why are we all besieged by harry and his sucking up all the time everywhere, so sickening No wonder his brother cannot stand him
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    Instead of complaining here, did you at least report the fake advertising and get a reply?
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    Government to roll out digital IDs in few weeks—here's what we know so far

    Big Brother ID Thank you Albo Its voluntaty but for how long?
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    ‘Cheapest fuel in a decade’: Find out where motorists are racing for 99-cent petrol sale!

    Obviously all other petrol stations are ripping everyone off Thank you Albo
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    Remembering the lives of Grease actress Susan Buckner (72) and radio announcer Max Rowley (87)

    Do not care which rich person dies. Why doesn't SDC let those who die alone? Very unchristian
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    Why you should join SDC Rewards, according to members

    Amidst high cost of living amongst other things I never pay for costly items especially apps. Don't like apps and never will. Bad for my eye sight too If not possible to get decent ad free SDC on laptops which actually only works half time with crappy ads I now prefer to skim through the...
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    Attention Centrelink recipients: Claim your energy bill rebate!

    aren't we all equal except ?????
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