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    Travel agent loses it after horrendous four-hour wait for Qantas: Has this happened to you too?

    No surprise. Try ringing ANZ. These big corporations are only interested in lining the pockets of their senior executives and share holders.
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    Beware of ‘shrinkflation’: How to spot subtle rip-offs at the supermarket before it's too late!

    Cottees marmalade and jams have had a huge reduction in size.
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    Is your wallet about to become obsolete? Discover when Australia plans to go completely cashless

    The trouble with a cashless society is although it affects the wealthy, the less well-off are affected, the homeless are affected, people in the service industry such as cleaners, hotel workers, waiters etc, kids (no tooth fairy or money box savings) and business people when companies such as...
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    Mum's unapple-ing ALDI discovery sparks debate!

    Surely people don't expect supermarkets to check every single piece of fruit!
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    Jet-set for less: Virgin's first flight sale of the year has unbelievable fares!

    Adelaide doesn't feature highly in this sale. Seems there are no one-way fares out of Adelaide!
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    Save on your grocery bill today: Coles slashes prices on 300+ items!

    I find it outrageous that companies like Coles and Woolworths screw farmers and make enormous profits.
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    Shocking revelation! Kochie spills details on his sex life in an X-rated radio interview

    Tasteless. What a betrayal of his wife. Disgraceful behaviour.
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    Customers fuming after ALDI's 'overnight' price surge: ‘It's getting ridiculous!’

    Well, Aldis is still cheaper than the others. I bough a jar of Cottees marmalade at Coles and it is about a third of a size smaller than they used to be. Huge reduction in size of the jars. They are on special at the moment - I guess to lure customers to continue buying but how much long this...
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    Are supermarkets charging you more than needed? Reserve Bank of Australia report suggests it’s likely

    The reduction in size of the Cottees marmalade is huge. Of course, they have had it on special, but that won't last long.
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    ALDI customer accuses checkout worker of harassing elderly customer who could not pay their grocery bill — “This breaks my heart”

    I can only say that the Aldi checkout operators in the stores I go to - Magill Road in Adelaide ae always very friendly and polite.
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    Koala responds to ‘ageist’ competition backlash

    Oh please. We are not stupid. The company has been caught with its pants down and come up with this lame excuse.
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    Is there truth behind the Sussexes’ split rumours? Meghan's former friend reveals shocking insights

    I am sick and tired of all this vitriol towards this couple and the lies that are printed in magazines such as New Idea and Woman's Day and now this club. Trolling is hateful and does so damage. Leave them alone.
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    Rumours swirl around Prince Harry and Meghan's marriage, but is there any truth to it?

    I hope this site is not going to get into trolling the Sussexes. The lies in New Idea, Woman's Day and the like are revolting.
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    Electronic payments are taking over: Is cash no longer king?

    I like cash and am horrified that banks are not threatening not to carry cash.
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