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    Joke Get it in the right order

    Get it in the right order
  2. Observer

    Joke Everything is overdrawn

    Everything is overdrawn
  3. Observer

    Joke No more knickers

    No more knickers
  4. Observer

    Joke You always warned me !!!!!!

    You always warned me !!!!!!
  5. Observer

    Joke I'm gonna move in with them

    I'm gonna move in with them
  6. Observer

    Joke Where is Bugs Bunny?

    Where is Bugs Bunny?
  7. Observer

    Joke The Karma

    The Karma
  8. Observer

    Joke I never want to A Dult

    I won't care. I'll be dead LOL
  9. Observer

    Joke I love my Harley so much

    Looks like he got training wheels :LOL:
  10. Observer

    Joke Tombstone gift for mother-in-law

    Tombstone gift for mother-in-law
  11. Observer

    Joke Interest free credit card

    The card doesn't seem to care :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  12. Observer

    Joke Confucius say.....

    If I am not eager to have an accident, then I'm not going there either :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  13. Observer

    Joke Parent/Teacher meeting

    Don't think I would concentrate too well either :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
  14. Observer

    Joke Mother Googled you

    If memory serves correctly, Cancun is renowned for a nudity beach?
  15. Observer

    Joke Yes, I'm going bald too

    Must be some truth to the matter. I already have a bald spot.
  16. Observer

    Joke I never want to A Dult

    How often was she lade?
  17. Observer

    Joke I never want to A Dult

    Too right (y)
  18. Observer

    Joke They don't always roll the same way

    They don't always roll the same way
  19. Observer

    Joke Pays to be honest

    Pays to be honest
  20. Observer

    Joke Mother Googled you

    Mother Googled you
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