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    Plus-size Kmart coat controversy explodes online: ‘Come on, Kmart’

    In a slightly different situation, I was in KMart today looking to buy some knickers that go all the way to the waist. I was unable to find any size 16. Various styles had sizes 8 to 14 and 18 to 26. I looked in all the fixtures and eventually found a size 16 that filled the bill but was not...
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    SDC Trivia Game #316 - 06/04/2024

    The English
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    Over a million drivers to get demerit points cleared this April—here’s what you need to know

    Points remain on licences for 3 years and four months. I have points due to disappear anyway at the end of May.
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    More's the pity!
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    Great Grand Dad Joke of the day

    However, if you have Stage four kidney disease, drinking water will reduce the risk of dry kidneys and the need for dialysis. Not amusing!
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    Major Culture Shock: The Differences of American and Australian Petrol Stations

    Not a matter of right or wrong. When in Rome..................... and stop complaining
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    ‘It threw me off’: This common Aussie phrase puzzles American singer

    Why do Americans rubbish Australians and Aussie differences. "No worries" is not to be taken literally. "no worries" means "okay", "all right" and other variations of the same. In america "h.e.a.d" and f.a.n.n.y" are different in their meanings to an Aussie's understanding of the words. When in...
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    Major Culture Shock: The Differences of American and Australian Petrol Stations

    Poor darling. However she knows the process now of how to get petrol. Just don't try & do it at 3 in the morning
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    Discover the single food rule a 64-year-old woman swears by for a youthful appearance

    I don't dispute the lady's claims in relation to this product. However, appearing to look younger than one's actual years is I believe, as a result of genetics. Both of my parents kept their relatively youthful appearance into their 80s and I have inherited the same genes. While I am an...
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    He obviously cannot spell!
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    JB Hi-Fi allows customers to haggle in-store: 'Take the deal'

    Yesterday (15/2) I bought a mouse from JB HI. It was marked $34 and I was charged $24. And this without any haggling!
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    Research reveals the costly credit card mistake most Australians are making

    potential savings of $222 over 2 years equates to $2.12 per week!
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    Your Guide to Smart Travel Planning: Navigating Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

    I attempted to get a travel insurance quote from Insure&Go but the promo code was "not known". I have since obtained travel Insurance with a different company that is also connected with Mitsui Sumitomo.
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