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    Breathless in bed: Aussie grandma's health hiccup unmasks medical mishap

    The price of this equipment in Australia is outrageous. The average cost of a mask is around $200. I have had the saee items sent from America for a fraction of the price. The best mask I've owned was a Chinese brand for $32, which is a bit more realistic for what we get for our money. These...
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    Score unique, Winter-exclusive bargains for over 450 products at Woolworths!

    They must hate me because the fews things I but keep going up.
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    Travellers beware: Government flags Caribbean country as a 'No-Go' zone

    It's not even safe to go to the local shopping centre or the city these days, so I won't be going too far from home unless I have to
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    These everyday gadgets at home are secretly skyrocketing your energy bill!

    The biggest vampires are the power companies themselves.
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    ‘Absolutely and utterly ridiculous’: Pensioner fights for home on own land after Shire's move

    The council must be related to that person we all the the Prime Dickhead of Australia.
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    False billing trend surges despite Aussies grow awareness of other scams

    Even if I'm transferring $50, I check the details 10 times before hitting the button to send and even then it's only to people who I know have have triple checked the details. Maybe if more people did this there wouldn't be so many mistakes.
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    Building trust: Consumer protection agency warns consumers of ‘home con’ scams

    I will never pay for work until the job is done. If they insist on getting a deposit I don't have a problem telling them to F O.
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    Telstra SMS scam

    I got the sane txt everyday for about 10 days. Another one from Coles about using my points. I don't any any points with either one.
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    Experts expose truth behind Woolworths Rewards program

    It would appear that shoppers who don't use rewards cards are the ones paying for those who do in the price gouging corruption. It just confirms that WW are indeed SCAMMERS.
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    Centrelink warns customers about new 'bonus payment' scheme

    All you have to do to get scammed is click on the link. Too easy.
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    Australia cracks down on risky weight-loss drug replicas

    It would be more to the point if they banned all the crap that has no effect whatsoever. The latest scam is bee venom patches, guaranteed to lose weight fast. No scientific eveidence to back this up.
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    Lawyer’s provocative Woolworths stunt exposes consumer tactics: ‘They're intrusive’

    I saved a massive $10 after two years of saving points. Didn't even cover my wages for serving myself at the checkout.
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    Australian Energy Regulator announces power bill change in several Australia states

    WOW, I can't wait. I hope the CEO bonus reduction won't cause them to join the cost of living crisis.
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    Voice cloning chaos: Australian journalist’s AI alarm sounds warning bell

    There is also a new investment scam featuring Dick Smith.
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    Beware: Scammers exploit cost-of-living crisis with this latest scam

    There's a new investment scam featuring Dick Smith on facebook. Lip sync was quite good on this one but still noticeably off. Beware !
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    Beware: Scammers exploit cost-of-living crisis with this latest scam

    Those stupid enough to fall for this scam deserve to get scammed. Paying up front to have your job application processed would have the most stupid thing I have ever heard or read.
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    State government deploys new safety measures as road toll incidents rise

    Speeding has little to do with the increasind number of road accidents. Stupiditity, Showing off, lack of concentration, inexperienced drivers, ignorence and criminal activity seems to be more of a problem. Increasing fines is about raising revenue, always was and always will be.
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    Jackpot joy: Aussies on edge as Powerball soars to record $150 Million!

    Don't bother buyng tickets. I've already won it. Sorry about that.
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