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    Breathless in bed: Aussie grandma's health hiccup unmasks medical mishap

    I had the recall notice from a respiratory physician and went on to Philips' website and registered my machine. It took a while with lots of emails but they eventually sent me a dreamstation machine. This was a couple of years ago now. I got notification of a class action but because my machine...
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    Autumn Colors at the Lake's edge...NZ

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    Busselton WA - Sunset

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    'Slow down!': ALDI shoppers reveal frustrations toward fellow shoppers

    My gripe with Aldi is one full service check out operator has to go and sort out the problems of the self serve checkouts. I feel for the Aldi employees, they have to be everywhere. There has been the odd occasion where someone will push in front of me and my support worker, but it is a very...
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    Hospitals warn Aussies about surge of triple-virus cases. Are you protected?

    By last night's news, it sounds as if it is in Queensland as well. Just take precautions when out, I know I will be wearing a mask again because I am in the group of immuno comprimised. And also have sanitiser in my handbag. There are so many people coughing and sneezing up here. Welcome to winter.
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    Ocean sunset

    Amazing colours and cloud formation
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    Gmail gets brain boost: Google’s new AI features promise users with smarter inbox!

    I think I will go back to snail mail. Don't like the sound of all this.
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    Worldwide iMessage outage puts users on timeout

    Yes the old fashioned landline which most people don't seem to have these days. It is nice to get away from technology for a while or am I the only one?
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    ALDI's price prowess: Switching from Woolworths saves ‘small fortune’ for this Aussie shopper

    Mine will only eat some of theirs, mouse, pate and souffle. She seems to like the consistency. Mind you she does get her veterinary prescribed dental biscuits which make up for the cost saved at Aldi.;)
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    ALDI's price prowess: Switching from Woolworths saves ‘small fortune’ for this Aussie shopper

    I also have switched on some items to Aldi. For example, cat food and cleaning products and long life milk. I am not a brand loyal person and if I can save money I will. However, Aldi does not stock everything I need nor do they deliver which would probably put the cost up. The problem is that I...
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    Parcel theft epidemic: Australia Post urges vigilance amid growing concerns

    Totally agree with you. The bus i usually catch is a Uni bus and no one stands for we older persons, they all have ear pods in and are too busy listening to their phones. And my young greats, one under 10, is always on his device. I despair for the future generations. It is usally we oldies who...
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    Seniors Discount Club Petitions!

    Gamiry, go to the heading of all the 4 petitions above and click on them, it will take you to a page for each petition and then you just put in your details and hit send. I hope I am answering you correctly. That is how it works on my computer.
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    Seniors Discount Club Petitions!

    Thanks SDC I have just signed all 4 petitions. Are we meant to get a confirming email for each of the petitions, nothing has come into my inbox?
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    Parcel theft epidemic: Australia Post urges vigilance amid growing concerns

    I usually ask a neighbour to get my parcels if I am not at home but will be more vigilant now. We did have a tenant who was stealing parcels but fortunately he has gone. If it wasn't so hard to get to a post office, I would have my parcels delivered there. The trouble with not driving.
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    Bruce Anderson

    Awesome photo, thank you for sharing
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    Gretta a good camper

    She is such a precious little soul.:love:
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    Custard Sponge Slice

    I made this today. Very nice. But, maybe it was my new fan forced oven, but I had to bake it a lot longer to get the cake cooked and the custard set nicely, at 140C. I added about 15-20 minutes at this temperature. Could have been mid-morning peak usage, not sure. But my neighbours and i are...
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    ACCC introduces new laws to reduce toppling furniture dangers

    I am a renter and you have to have permission, dare I say to sneeze. I have picture rails and cannot put anything permaent in my unit. If I do, at the inspection you are told to take it down or they come and take it down. Plain and simple. Renters have no rights. As for the key safe, I have yet...
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    Blueberry & Banana Muffins

    Looks so nice.
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