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  1. Gryphen

    Woolworths employee reveals heartbreaking truth after customer confrontation: ‘I’m a person, too’

    I worked in customer service for over 20 years, and in the latter half I received and handled all complaints to my organisations personally. I have been abused, shouted at, and threatened with physical violence, and physical assault, but guess what none of that was about me, it was always about...
  2. Gryphen

    Algorithms are pushing AI-generated falsehoods at an alarming rate. How do we stop this?

    The govt should be forcing services to annotate what is and isn’t AI generated, it should also be legislated out of the education system in toto. Whilst it should have been done earlier the legislation can still be introduced, the only difficulty is finding politicians with the balls to do it...
  3. Gryphen

    How does DFRDB impact aged pension?

    I am in receipt of a DFRDB pension ( say $20k) and am wondering how that will impact my aged pension when I turn 67 (a few years yet).
  4. Gryphen

    Real estate CEO sues Kmart for $205,000 over a slip-and-fall incident inside their store

    Where is the responsibility for ones own actions, she chose to step on the puppy pad rather than around it..
  5. Gryphen

    Hello everyone

    Hi Margaret :)
  6. Gryphen

    West Aussie Seniors card

    Seems so incongruous that anyone with a Seniors Card from outside WA can get get all the benefits when travelling in WA, while West Aussies have to wait till they are 65, maybe the WA Govt could be pressured to bring WA into line with the other states, make it equitable across the board.
  7. Gryphen

    Customers question Commonwealth Bank transfer policy: ‘This is outrageous’

    And to add to that a Crypto currency can be unlisted by any bank and/or crypto exchange at any time, with no recompense to the holder of the currency. So eventually if all exchanges stop dealing in any particular currency they become worthless.
  8. Gryphen

    Thought I better say G'day

    Thought I better say G'day Hi I'm Kim, I'm in Perth, in fact I was born here, but spent 20yrs living out of state after joining the RAAF in 1980. I was a Police Dog handler for my whole time, but did carry out duties as SECPOL2 and do analysis on Intel. I moved into IT in 2000 when I left...
  9. Gryphen

    ‘It makes me furious': American shares honest take on Australia's daylight saving time

    Why does it matter, Furious & Angry, seriously... go away.
  10. Gryphen

    Government proposes changes to Aussies' superannuation—find out how this could affect you!

    I just wish that the government (either side) would recognise that Superannuation is NOT their money to touch, yes they can use it to invest, but they have to pay it back, and for once and for all STOP changing the rules. Every year it seems they alter the regulations covering Superannuation. I...
  11. Gryphen

    How can you tell is an email you have used in an social media site or application has been compromised

    You can also use the Password link at the top to check how secure your password is, and whether it has ever appeared in a data collation/share. You can also use if you are a Gmail user to scan the Dark Web for your details.
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