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  1. Abby2

    May 2024 Competition: NewsLETTER Hunt

    If you read through the pages 1 to 4 - think you will find most of them The last one that I've seen was "I" I've put some up as others but I do not know what I am doing ??? It would seem to me if SDC published all the letters, then it would not be a monthly game- it would all be over in one day.
  2. Abby2

    Noodling around: Coles' snack fusion sparks ramen-tic excitement!

    Do not think I would like that - I like to buy fresh butternut pumpkin and make soup from it in winter.
  3. Abby2

    Say goodbye to nighttime coughs as former paramedic shares simple cure

    I am a firm believer in eating nature's antibiotic in fresh cherries and Yay!! they have just arrived in the supermarkets from US and Canada.
  4. Abby2

    Aussie town erupts in delight over Centrelink scene: ‘This gets better days out than I do’

    Wonder if the Alpaca incident was before hundreds of security guards were funded through a new $314 million Albanese government investment to improve safety at Services Australia
  5. Abby2

    New Member

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  7. Abby2

    The Dirtman

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  10. Abby2

    Greetings All..

  11. Abby2

    Loving Life

  12. Abby2


    Great photo !!
  13. Abby2

    Joke Never lose your glasses again

    Well it would also cover up some of the wrinkles 😁
  14. Abby2

    May 2024 Competition: NewsLETTER Hunt

    SDC Vaccinations Wish I knew what I was doing :)
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  16. Abby2

    New member

  17. Abby2

    Healing pressure points

    Can you then do both hands together pressing against each other ?
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