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    Mesh wallet

    Had an Oroton one just like the photo in the 70’s
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    ALDI shopper notices $20.60 charge on receipt: ‘I don’t really know what I’ve paid for’

    I feel she is just alerting people to check their receipts.There would hardly be a week goes by that I don’t pick up on an overpriced item or being charged twice for an item . I shop mainly at Woolworths.
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    Brick barbie

    Yes, we built one just like that in the early 70’s - ours had a bench both sides.
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    Train station scale

    I think it cost a penny
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    ANZ app outage: Digital ‘cash-astrophe’ leaves Australians high and dry!

    I still keep cash for this very reason
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    Some secrets of nature very effective

    What’s bita cola
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    Nandos. What a load of shi.................................

    Will not be going there, fed up with paying extra for using a card.
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    Debate rages over access to free sport: Aussies face potential restrictions on major events

    We should have free to air sports programmes, not everyone can afford foxtel or Kayo.
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    McEwans hardware

    Bunnings bought out McEwens
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    New details emerge on teen suspect in Bunnings carpark stabbing

    I also fully support the police, it could have ended up like the situation we had at the Sydney shopping centre where a number of innocent people were killed.
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    Tin can stilts

    We also used them for two way radio‘s, what fun we had with simple things we could make!! ,
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    This Coles ANZAC Day display touches everyone’s hearts: Great respect’

    Well done to the staff member, and Cole’s for allowing the ANZAC display in the store. I hope all these “woke” people are bowing their heads in shame. I suppose not, as I dare say the majority of them wouldn’t even know what ANZAC stands for!!
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    What High School Did You Go To

    Started Swan Hill high school in 1959
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    Ozone Theatre

    Where was the Ozone theatre
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    Driving shift: Millions of state’s motorists gear up for major licence change

    You will still be able to use your original card licence
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    ALDI, IGA chiefs under Senate spotlight as inquiry delves into grocery costs

    I find it hard to believe how Cole’s & Woolworths can have so many weekly specials offering 50% off . i.e Dish washer tablets normal price $52, special price $26, soup$4.40, special price $2.20, 10kg rice normal price 38.00 , special price $19 - and the list goes on. Why can’t they reduce the...
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    Foliage fiasco: Retiree roots for justice against council's hefty fine!

    Typical of Mornington Shire, they can’t even look after the parks and maintain the roads, keep the streets swept & clean which is very rare.For this we pay top rates & getvery little. They are mor3 interested in fining people that have planted a tree or plants on the nature strip to beautify the...
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    Cash activists withdraw over $500,000 from ATMs to show ‘clear message’

    I am using cash more now than I did 12 months ago, as I am sick paying extra for using my card.
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    ALDI shakes up Special Buys with surprising collection launch

    No thank you, why would I walk around with Aldi printed on my clothing!!
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