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  1. Kadia

    Valentine's 'Nostalgia Competition' - Share your memories of love and you could win $100

    Mine is 1st January 1991 or 1/1/1991! My boyfriend proposed to me on top of the tower in Kings Park. But the problem was it was raining, windy, etc. It was a beautiful ring that I picked from Solid Gold a while ago and there in total 11 diamonds. Now numbers are are amazing factors or what...
  2. Kadia

    Do you have a hobby or pass-time you'd like to share with others on a fairly regular basis?

    I live in Beckenham. I love to do art etc. but Im alone and would dearly love to make friends but I have mental Illnesses and need people to understand it. As many judge me because I have uncontrollable issues. If anyone that lives nearby would love to meet me. Maybe enjoy walks, etc and get...
  3. Kadia

    Shocking treatment: Coles cashier's demand left cancer patient feeling ‘violated’ at checkout

    Coles at Maddington has gates on the self checkout and also on checkouts. My Support worker is always with me but i didnt feel well and I wanted to sit down but could not get out. I was told I had to wait till my groceries were done before being let out. I suffer severe Anxiety and PTSD and...
  4. Kadia

    Discover how new fuel-efficiency standards will help Australian drivers save hundreds of dollars!

    So those who wants to go off road to explore remote places are going to suffer because the government forget how big our country is!
  5. Kadia

    January Competition: Win a Year's Membership to SDC Rewards

    I have been but you can only use them every three months. So I have been ringing around and most of them says I’m not in their area so it goes back to the same cycle. Wait three months for a $50 voucher. I know I’m not the only one. I’m willing to work but noone wants me because of my age. I’m...
  6. Kadia

    January Competition: Win a Year's Membership to SDC Rewards

    I’m in financial distress and without fundings to buy things like this may impact my renewal as I can’t afford it this year. I enjoy reading it everyday and love the bingo. I’m battling to put food on the table at the moment and I’m down to one meal a day because my diet can only eat fresh...
  7. Kadia

    Just me!

    Just me! Hi I’m new here! I’m looking at making friends and I enjoy pottery, cooking, gardening and art and crafts. I love going for walks. I live in Perth and I live alone. I would love to make some friends.
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