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    Joke Fore!

    yeah - pretty good
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    Answer this one question urologists ask to spot major warning signs in your bladder

    especially the significance of passing wind while urinating,
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    Answer this one question urologists ask to spot major warning signs in your bladder

    Could we have a better elucidation of the physical signs please.
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    Joke Hard Yakka!

    very good
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    Joke Hard Yakka!

    a step-sister from a previous marriage
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    not a nice tea. It could easily have come out of that box
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    Cinamon swirl bread with vanilla flavored quick bread

    What a disjointed recipe!! Have you ever tried organizing your thoughts?? Scatterbrain
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    Joke Concentrate

    She's not even blonde !
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    A few years ago I bought many things from a Chinese on-line shop. One was a pair of gloves. They only sent one. A lengthy dispute followed but they refused to admit that a pair means TWO. It's all in the translation - or is it?
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    BEWARE: Your Google Chrome may be at risk due to a 'very dangerous' update

    McAFee has tried for about 6 months to get into my iMac by threatening me with all sorts of spam. After money of course. But these are probably all copies or clones. But somehow they knew that my subscription to AV was due or paid
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    Revolutionising confidence and comfort: Introducing Boody’s sustainable leak-proof underwear for women

    You are obviously new to BAMBOO. It is not a great product - not durable and wrinkles like you wouldn't believe
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    ‘It looked so real’: Traveller falls prey to sophisticated scam

    too big now. Too impersonal. Too many avenues for scammers. We need a different system
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    ‘It looked so real’: Traveller falls prey to sophisticated scam

    Try to avoid using wherever possible. One night I booked The Fullerton Hotel in Sydney with because of a serious shortage of accommodation in Sydney. Within 2 minutes of this booking another room (@$700/night) became available in the Rydges Airport Hotel. It had been...
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    Does running water really trigger the urge to pee? Experts explain the brain-bladder connection

    Looks like the article has some mistakes. Going from 40 degrees to 50 degrees is a dramatic temperature change that few humans can endure - even for a short time. A longer time and you would resemble a cooked lobster.
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    In almost total agreement with your comment. The exception is the temperature of Venus. It is not 4800 degrees C - more like 480 degrees but where the last zero was originally a degree symbol. That has happened to me in some of my articles where the article was copied illegally of course in...
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    Here’s what happens to your penis as you age

    Shouldn't take long then
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    Discover the hidden danger in your kitchen: Cancer-causing microplastics discovered in this common ingredient!

    Several years ago a study was done on Australian salt and it was presented on TV. Yes, there is an appreciable microplastic content in Australian salt. I alerted my very educated son of this fact and he was quite concerned. Hasn't stopped me from salting my spuds and my pasta water. If it...
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    Why doctors say catching dementia early may not be as beneficial as you think

    What exactly is early dementia?? Has this been clinically documented? Is it a condition common to both men and women? Are there known indicators as to the onset? Is hearing impairment a crucial factor in recognizing dementia? It seems that there is no unified recognition on the onset and...
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    Here’s what happens to your penis as you age

    One inch at a time
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