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    Miami Milkbar

    Yes, fond memories enjoying a cold drink and sandwiches with my Mum. We had a frozen drink called orange freeze. Later on enjoyed hanging out with friends before a movie, with either a milkshake (yes in metal container) or lunch and ice cream in my early 20's. Country town NSW run by Greeks...
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    Joke The King and the Princess

    Oh haha thought it was going to be a naughty joke - love it!!!!
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    What makes autumn special for you?

    I love the tones of red and golden leaves on the trees and cooler nights for sleeping!
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    Joke Drama, drama, drama!

    Haha now THAT is a spider!!!! I am on the look out in my shower now!!!!!
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    Fish and chips served in newspaper

    Ah yes, I certainly remember fish n chips wrapped up in newspaper and enjoyed it with Mum n Dad and big sis of a Fri evening during the cool crisp winters in northern NSW...well any evening was good!Best eaten straight away or went soggy...yum!
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    Ice cream and jelly

    Sorry try again....guess I just forget to buy it really...I shall treat myself soon!
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    Ice cream and jelly

    Guess I just forg
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    Atheist in the woods

    Love this joke...good one!
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    Bath cubes

    Yes, I recall receiving these from school friends in primary school. Bath bombs popular these days. I often use bath salts for tired feet and legs for a good soak in bathtub. Great stuff!
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    Kero Heater

    Yes, I had one when living on my own in a flat in my 20's.Cheap to run, but rather smelly!
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    Sunday roasts

    Sad you lost Dad so young, but sounds like your Mum did her best to keep going. She sounds very special.
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    Sunday roasts

    Sunday roasts were a special time in my family with Mum and Dad and my much older sister. Prior to that, I recall a big Sunday feast with my Gran and her siblings and their families. Yummy lamb, chicken with gravy and veg. Lots of laughter, music and dancing and the smell of the bush with great...
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    Ice cream and jelly

    Yum!! I always enjoyed this treat. Dont have it much these days. I recall enjoying it when I had my tonsils out at age 10. I do LOVE nice icecream in a cone...with choc on top and nuts! Fave as a young girl, was my Mum's trifle with wine...maybe got a bit tipsy eating it! Cake with custard and...
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    Matlock Police

    Yes, loved this show and cannot recall a fave episode, as liked all of them. Homicide and Division 4 also great! Paul Cronin went on to The Sullivans - another great show! I also recall he did another cop show Solo One, I think it was called?
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    Sorry THESE signs...can't spell today!!!
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    Haha love tgese signs!!!
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    Kimba The White Lion

    KIMBA, KIMBA....Kimba the white lion is his name!!! Yes, great cartoons on telly back in the day....tis a wonder I got any homework or farm chores done back when all the great shows were on ABC!!!!
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    Choc tops

    Oh yes! A treat at the 'pictures' in a beautuful grand theatre with amazing architecture! Jaffas rolled down the aisles by naughty boys who had a torch shone on them! Choc tops today not the same - cone tastes like cardboard!
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    Laminex tables

    Yes, my parents had a red table. They were such lovely tables...fond memories as a child enjoying something delicious!
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