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    Is mould invading your home after the rain? Find out when to expect and how to stop it!

    I had a small amount of mold in a corner of my shower I cleaned it out with bleach quick and easy. I simply put the bleach on a rough pad for cleaning scrubbed the patch cleaned up with water fixed my mold issue. Now when I get out of the shower I leave the door open so it completely drys out...
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    Professional housekeeper reveals one cleaning tool you need to retire

    I use a cordless vacuum cleaner on the vinyl floors in my home as well as the carpet much easier than a broom been doing it since I purchased the house.
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    Scam warning!!

    I have made several purchases from Temu I have never had a problem I have received everything I ordered or a credit if they were out of stock I buy from Temu because the prices are much cheaper than other sites there products are first class.
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    Riddle Riddle Masters 17.04.2024

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    Awesome prices

    I would be very cautious on purchasing a mobile phone from AliExpress you would need to check that they are compatible with our 4G &5G systems I don't know if there's anything different but before you purchase one it would pay you to make sure that they are compatible with Australian mobile...
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    Expert issues warning on popular shopping app over data fears: ‘There is a risk’

    I have been shopping at Temu since it opened I have never had a problem, if I do not receive a item I simply email them I am directed to the order to click on the item that I did not I received full credit for the item immediately without hesitation I don't know any other online store that will...
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    Which slogan do you want to see on an SDC mug?

    Congratulations to @Chezamore
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    Awesome prices

    Awesome prices Anyone who is looking for anything electronic check out "AliExpress " they have a huge range of products at prices that will blow your minds eg. I purchased a very small steam cleaner from there website cost approx.$60. It is fantastic for cleaner around taps corners in the...
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    Win SDC Merch: ‘Craft a slogan’ challenge

    SDC where you don’t age while you hold a membership
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    ‘Dole bludger’? Expert explains why common criticism of Centrelink recipients misses the mark

    Hi Suzanne what you wrote is spot on, where I live there was a couple who lived over the road the man was a invalid pensioner and a wood merchant which I find it impossible to fathom out how you can be both he moved in with the woman who owns the house so he had a place to live, when she passed...
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    ‘Dole bludger’? Expert explains why common criticism of Centrelink recipients misses the mark

    That is a very true statement ie don't judge a book by its cover
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    ‘Dole bludger’? Expert explains why common criticism of Centrelink recipients misses the mark

    Many years ago I was made unemployed because of a state government decision to close the department depot where I worked, living in rural areas employment was not easy to find, while I was unemployed I was called to Centrelink office for interviews every few weeks and asked why I didn't find...
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    Win SDC Merch: ‘Craft a slogan’ challenge

    SENIORS DISCOUNT CLUB where the members are old in years only
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    Want to make $1k weekly? Here’s how, according to The Trash Lawyer

    Where I live I ran the Transfer station for about 4 years we had a resale shed for items that we sell items that were able to be used it was a great idea people would come especially to look at the resale shed their was a lot of items that I sold through the different days I was running the...
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    Want to make $1k weekly? Here’s how, according to The Trash Lawyer

    All I can say is good luck to you Urbano, What you call use and recycle is what they say we have to do which is exactly what Urbano is very successful doing plus making money at the same time I call it a win win. Recycling is what we all should be doing everyday to reduce landfill and greenhouse...
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