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    Stuck in fight-or-flight mode? 5 ways to complete the ‘stress cycle’ and avoid burnout or depression

    Shutterstock Can you remember a time when you felt stressed leading up to a big life event and then afterwards felt like a weight had been lifted? This process – the ramping up of the stress response and then feeling this settle back down – shows completion of the “stress cycle”. Some...
  2. The Conversation

    Can AI read our minds? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be worried

    Iconic Bestiary / Shutterstock Earlier this year, Neuralink implanted a chip inside the brain of 29-year-old US man Noland Arbaugh, who is paralysed from the shoulders down. The chip has enabled Arbaugh to move a mouse pointer on a screen just by imagining it moving. In May 2023, US...
  3. The Conversation

    Is a 24-hour Home and Away channel the answer to subscription fatigue?

    The Conversation/Shutterstock/AAP Image/Seven Do you find yourself endlessly scrolling through streaming channels, wondering what to watch among the hundreds (or thousands) of options? Do you worry about spending more money on yet another subscription just to watch the latest show everyone is...
  4. The Conversation

    Choice and control: the NDIS was designed to give participants choice, but mandatory registration could threaten this

    Shutterstock/Benjamin Crone Many Australians with disability feel on the edge of a precipice right now. Recommendations from the disability royal commission and the NDIS review were released late last year. Now a draft NDIS reform bill has been tabled. In this series, experts examine what new...
  5. The Conversation

    Why Australia’s Olympic funding changes might widen the gap between rich and poor sports

    Thibault Camus/AP Photo The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has proposed a new strategy to bolster the financial health of Olympic sports, ranging from minor sports such as table tennis to dominant codes such as basketball and swimming. At the heart of this initiative is a plan to permit...
  6. The Conversation

    Digital ‘death knocks’: is it fair game for journalists to mine social media profiles of victims and their families?

    Dean Lewins/AAP Image The family of Ash Good, one of the Bondi stabbing victims and the mother of the nine-month-baby who was also stabbed, issued a plea overnight for media to stop reproducing photos of Ash, her partner and their baby without consent. Good, 38, was an osteopath who liked to...
  7. The Conversation

    You could help minimise harm in a public attack. Here’s what it means to be a ‘zero responder’

    Bianca De Marchi/AAP The tragic Westfield attack in Sydney highlights the vulnerability of crowded public spaces. Six people were killed and many were injured by a knife-wielding attacker in a short period of time. For people with malicious intent, crowded venues such as shopping centres...
  8. The Conversation

    What your tongue colour reveals about your health—learn the surprising signs now!

    What your tongue colour reveals about your health—learn the surprising signs now! Whenever we monitor our health, we often think about heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. But there is a part of the body that can offer a wealth of information, and it is right under our nose—quite...
  9. The Conversation

    Tradie shares horrifying story, warns others to avoid common mistake

    As homeowners, we often take for granted the intricate systems that keep our homes running smoothly. But a recent incident has highlighted a common mistake that could lead to a messy and costly disaster—as one tradie can attest to. A tradie is warning homeowners after a disgusting eruption...
  10. The Conversation

    This parking sign puzzle is confusing everyone—can you get it right?

    Navigating the streets of Australia can sometimes feel like a puzzle, especially when deciphering the myriad of parking signs that line our roads. It's a common sight to see drivers furrowing their brows in confusion, trying to make sense of the rules that dictate where and when they can park...
  11. The Conversation

    Queensland landlord confuses tenant with ‘ridiculous’ guest policy

    With the price of real estate today, many opt to rent to save costs while still living independently. Property owners may arrange their policies for tenants, and these should be agreed upon before signing. This might not have been the case with a tenant in Queensland, as their lease is on the...
  12. The Conversation

    Qantas draws criticism for ‘horrific’ business lounge service

    Travelling to new places is always exciting. Everyone deserves to enjoy a holiday, especially if paid in a hefty amount for a VIP experience. But what happens if travellers don’t get the treatment they deserve? A Qantas passenger took to social media to express their disappointment with the...
  13. The Conversation

    Australians are open to self-driving vehicles, but want humans to retain ultimate control

    John G. Mabanglo/EPA/AAP A mob set fire to a Waymo self-driving taxi in San Francisco last month as residents’ anger about the cars boiled over. Self-driving “robotaxis” run by Waymo and other operators such as Cruise have been causing major concerns in the United States by failing to react...
  14. The Conversation

    Eight charts on how Australia’s population is growing – and changing

    Jay Wennington/unsplash People form the foundation of society, determining all manner of things from housing needs to economic wellbeing. And population characteristics can tell us much about how the inhabitants of a place have changed over time and where the population might be headed in the...
  15. The Conversation

    Inquiry into supermarkets says make voluntary code of conduct mandatory but don’t bring in divestiture power

    Luis Ascui, Joel Carrett/AAP The food and grocery code of conduct should be made mandatory to help rectify the heavy imbalance between suppliers and supermarkets, an inquiry by former Labor minister Craig Emerson has recommended. Emerson says in his interim report, released Monday, that...
  16. The Conversation

    We can’t eradicate deadly cane toads – but there’s a way to stop them killing wildlife

    Shutterstock Australia can claim more than its fair share of environmental blunders, but the introduction of cane toads in 1935 surely ranks as one of the worst. The toads were imported from Hawaii and released in Queensland, purportedly to manage pest beetles in sugar cane crops. The toads...
  17. The Conversation

    What is a sinkhole? A geotechnical engineer explains

    AAP Image/Supplied by Fire and Rescue NSW Sinkholes are back in the news after a 13-year-old boy fell down a two metre deep hole in a waterlogged football field in Sydney over the weekend. The boy reportedly sank further into the hole every time he tried to push down with his feet, but was...
  18. The Conversation

    Lost for words? Research shows art therapy brings benefits for mental health

    An artwork made by a young person receiving mental health care in hospital during an art therapy session. Author provided Creating art for healing purposes dates back tens of thousands of years, to the practices of First Nations people around the world. Art therapy uses creative processes...
  19. The Conversation

    Flash droughts are becoming more common in Australia. What’s causing them?

    Dean Lewins/AAP Flash droughts strike suddenly and intensify rapidly. Often the affected areas are in drought after just weeks or a couple of months of well-below-average rainfall. They happen worldwide and are becoming more common, including in Australia, due to global warming. Flash...
  20. The Conversation

    Loyalty programs may limit competition, and they could be pushing prices up for everyone

    MMXeon/Shutterstock Loyalty programs enable firms to offer significantly lower prices to some of their customers. You’d think this would encourage strong competition. But that isn’t always what actually happens. New research shows that paradoxically, by changing the way companies target...
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