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    Homeowner's nightmare: Popular vacuum combusts, prompting fire hazard warnings

    Wow, i was only just saying yesterday that I needed to take my dyson off the charger. It is something I usually do due to Lithium battery problems but sometimes I forget to do it. Will have to be more careful.
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    Word Association Game

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    Word Association Game

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    Discover How to Sail in Style for Less: Unveil the Secrets of Getting the Best Deals with Norwegian Cruise Line!

    Last cruise I endevoured was 10 years ago on a 4 days cruise on the Yansee River in China. Whilst it was a nice experience, I could not do the shore excursions due to the many many stairs and distance of walking. I relied on my friend to take videos of the tourist sites and historical places...
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    Word Association Game

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    New report unveils jaw-dropping extent of price gouging

    Yeah... not great idea for gov to take over...they would sell them all off to china.
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    My crowded house.

    My crowded house.
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    My crowded house.

    My crowded house.
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    New report unveils jaw-dropping extent of price gouging

    A report is welcome news but does anything really going to change....NO. We all know the sneaky tactics supermarkets have but nothing gets changed. It's just more tax payers money to do a report where nothing happens with the results. Profiteering by supermarkets and businesses to the...
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    Are you prepared? Shocking study shows 1 in 5 Aussies don’t have extra $4000 for an emergency

    I have no emergency fund or life insurance in place. I only have a funeral plan in place which I pay monthly. No mortgage either but I do pay rent. Just over 12 months ago I did have a little saved up but the extra cost of living has consumed that and had to replace my washer and fridge...
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    Who’s really responsible? Mishandled AusPost package sparks debate online

    That's a hard call. Aust post does have issues of parcels/mail arriving safely or even at all. However, some sellers do not provide adequate packaging. Sellers should take a leaf out of Amazon's packaging, which in my experience has always been good.
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    The 'Last Two Letters' game

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    Riddle Riddle Masters 26.01.2024

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    Beware of the 'Jet Frog' on your bank statement—here's why it could cost you big time!

    Yep, got me earlier this month. Credit card had 2 charges for apple items....which i do not own anything apple. Reported immediately to bank & cancelled card & bank said there were several transaction following but were declined due to credit limit. I guess lucky for me in a way. Then you...
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    Joke Times, They Are a Changing!

    That's about right for me also.
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    Not the bottle-o but did grow up with a horse drawn milko, who used to run alongside the horse drawn cart.
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    Discover these money-saving ‘vintage’ tricks that are making a huge comeback in 2024

    I have an online savers account. If I have any funds left over prior to next pension I transfer it over to that account. I even try to force myself to transfer money over & save it. Helps wilth unexpected bills like the vet..ouch!
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    Massive Medicare overhaul proposal could drain taxpayers $12 billion—is it worth it?

    Absolutely needed & long overdue. Many skip a dentist due to the cost but by doing this it can lead to other health problems. I know someone in their 40's who pulls his own teeth out & that is terrible.
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    Abbreviation Game (Level: HARD)

    WOLF Dog of wild ever lingering DOWEL
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