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  1. VanessaC

    Discover the outrageous demand this landlord asks of his renter

    Moving into a new rental property should be an exciting time, a chance to make a fresh start in a new home. However, for one Adelaide tenant, the experience quickly turned sour due to an unexpected and outrageous demand from their landlord. The landlord allegedly imposed a strict limit on...
  2. VanessaC

    Find out the virus that increases one’s risk of developing dementia!

    The latest research has revealed a startling link between a common virus and an increased risk of dementia. The culprit? The herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)—a virus that is believed to affect around 80 per cent of the Australian population. This virus, which can cause both cold sores...
  3. VanessaC

    Violent storm leaves senior couple homeless: 'It’s all over now'

    In the blink of an eye, a peaceful afternoon turned into a nightmare for an elderly South Australian couple when a violent storm caused a tree to crash onto their houseboat. This incident has left them homeless and with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Pam, 77, and David, 82, were...
  4. VanessaC

    BAFTA snubs Friends star at recent event, sparks outrage among fans

    The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards, a prestigious event that honours the best in film and television, recently sparked a wave of outrage among fans worldwide. The reason? The glaring omission of beloved actor Matthew Perry from the In Memoriam segment of the...
  5. VanessaC

    Scammer swindles $18,000 from war veteran: 'It was extremely convincing'

    In an age where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, so are the methods employed by scammers to exploit unsuspecting victims. A recent case involving a 71-year-old war veteran who lost $18,000 to an elaborate Netflix scam serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in our...
  6. VanessaC

    Wild storm causes shoppers at Coles and Woolworths to navigate aisles in total darkness

    A wild storm recently swept across New South Wales, leaving thousands of homes and businesses without power, causing chaos for commuters, and even hospitalising a group of four who were struck by lightning. Among the businesses affected were Coles and Woolworths stores in Sydney's Northern...
  7. VanessaC

    Woolworths CEO walks out during 'intense' interview: 'I think I’m done'

    In a recent interview with ABC's Four Corners program, Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci found himself in hot water. The seasoned executive, who has been at the helm of the supermarket giant for eight years, was confronted with allegations of price gouging and the monopolistic nature of Australia's...
  8. VanessaC

    ATO cracks down on popular Oporto restaurant, forces shutdown

    In a recent turn of events that has left Sydney foodies in shock, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has taken decisive action against a beloved Oporto restaurant, leading to its unfortunate collapse. The ATO's stringent measures come as a stark reminder of the financial responsibilities...
  9. VanessaC

    Expert debunks eight common sex myths that kill relationships

    Sex is a topic that has been shrouded in mystery and misconceptions for centuries. From the belief that great sex is all about frequency to the notion that angry sex is the best kind, there are countless myths that have been perpetuated over time. These misconceptions can not only lead to...
  10. VanessaC

    Downy Unstoppables cleaning tip sparks outrage—find out why!

    The internet is a treasure trove of clever tips designed to make our everyday tasks simpler and more efficient. However, not all tips are created equal, and some can leave us scratching our heads in confusion or even cause more trouble than they're worth. One such tip, involving Downy...
  11. VanessaC

    Discover the five affordable 'hero products' for sparkling clean homes and cars!

    The internet has become a treasure trove of DIY tips, and when it comes to cleaning, there's no shortage of advice. One such source of wisdom is Amelia Liddy Sudbury, a social media sensation who has earned the title of the 'Queen of Clean'. Amelia has gained a massive following for her...
  12. VanessaC

    Find out how a large ute parking failure at a Coles car park exposes a massive issue

    The sight of a colossal US-style Ford ute sprawled across two parking bays at a Coles car park in southeast Melbourne has not only turned heads but also ignited a fiery debate about the suitability of Australia's infrastructure for such enormous vehicles. As the number of large utes on...
  13. VanessaC

    Frustrated traveller claims Jetstar damaged their luggage: 'It’s like it’s deliberate'

    When you're a musician, your instrument is not just a tool of your trade but a part of your soul. So, imagine the heartbreak of an Australian musician who discovered his guitar case severely damaged after a Jetstar flight from Melbourne to Launceston on February 10. The musician, who...
  14. VanessaC

    Urgent warning: Delete this fake app immediately to protect your passwords!

    In the digital age, the security of our personal information is paramount. For Apple iPhone users, a recent threat has emerged in the form of a deceptive app that mimics a legitimate password safety and encryption site. This app, designed to steal your passwords, has been removed from the...
  15. VanessaC

    Sole survivor from fatal mushroom lunch incident opens up after tragic loss

    More than six months after a horrifying mushroom poisoning incident, the sole survivor, Ian Wilkinson, has broken his silence, sharing his heart-wrenching journey. The incident, which occurred in July 2023, resulted in the death of three individuals, including Wilkinson's wife, Heather...
  16. VanessaC

    Beware: Travellers warned of sneaky stink bugs

    The thrill of travel often comes with its own set of surprises, but one surprise Aussie travellers returning from Europe and Asia certainly don't want to encounter is the brown marmorated stink bug. This pesky stowaway, known for its distinctive odour and potential to wreak havoc on the...
  17. VanessaC

    If you could, which hobby would you revisit?

    This is a great question! I just bought some legos online and I look forward to receiving (and building) them! 😄 Missed out on this one during my childhood!
  18. VanessaC

    Facebook users beware.

    Thanks for the tip, Lynette! Stay safe out there!
  19. VanessaC

    F Y I - How to Spot Fake Sellers and Amazon Scams

    Thank you for sharing this, @Macs-241 ! Really great information on how to avoid scams on Amazon!
  20. VanessaC

    Amazon Prime scam

    Good catch, @Happyjack ! Thank you for sharing this too. I hope you’re able to unsubscribe soon! Stay safe out there!
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